The new endgame expansion for Path of Exile allows players to u

  • The 2020 update of Path of Exile includes some unique leagues for players to explore, such as Harvest and Heist. But the first expansion in 2021 includes not only a small number of activities, new loot and new buildings. The Echo of "Atlas" expands the endgame of "Path of Exile" with new bosses, systems, and POE Currency.

    The new live broadcast by developer Grinding Gear Games shows the upcoming expansion and its accompanying Ritual league.

    After the "Path of Exile" players reach the current version of the endgame, some new "Atlas" echo systems will be activated. A mysterious entity named "The Maven" wants to watch the player fight the boss in various areas, making it more difficult to fight for his existence.

    Over time, as players are impressed with Maven, this will increase the difficulty of the challenge and require them to defeat familiar bosses at the same time (up to 10 people can be defeated at a time). Maven will eventually challenge players to a duel. Defeating Maven will bring powerful and unique rewards, such as the ability to build a new skill tree, because it is the most powerful character the player has ever encountered.

    Path of Exile is known for its absurd skill tree-the option of spider webs completely customize each character in a unique way. However, the new Atlas passive skill tree earns points by POE Currency Buy, which is somewhat different.