Madden 21 picks Kansas City Chiefs to win Super Bowl LV

  • Madden 21 had predicted that the Kansas City Chiefs would achieve a major victory in the LV Super Bowl. This will mark the second consecutive Super Bowl championship for the Chiefs.

    As the LV Super Bowl approaches, Madden 21’s simulation predicts that the Kansas City Chiefs will win their second consecutive championship. The Chiefs will fight the Tampa Pirates with the newly acquired former Patriot QB Tom Brady. Both teams have experienced incredible seasons, with the AFC Champion Chiefs defeating the NFC Champion Pirates 16-2 to 14-4.

    Last year, the best 20 screen players, Patrick Mahomes (Patrick Mahomes) helped them win the Lombard Cup, and both teams won the Super Bowl Championship QB. Mahomes finally broke the legendary Madden curse, which is believed to be the reason for the athlete's injury or performance degradation after being selected as the cover role. Despite the injury at the beginning of the season, the Chiefs still won the Super Bowl a few months later, and Mahomes played an important role in that victory. Brady also appeared on the cover of Madden 18 and was a famous player, but the Patriots lost to the Eagles Super Bowl the year they hit the cover. Madden 21 Coins can unlock more star cover characters.

    In a new video on Madden Twitter, EA's "Spokesplayer" gave the official prediction of Super Bowl LV. After running the simulation, Madden predicted that Brady would get 3 touchdowns and 1 interception, while Mahomes would get 4 touchdowns. During the intermission of the game, the Kansas City Chiefs will end the game with a score of 14-13. The fourth quarter equalized the score, but Mahomes sent the ball into the end zone to score and a touchdown scored a 37-27 victory. Unfortunately, Madden has no idea about advertising. It is very difficult to turn defeat into victory in the game by only relying on your own ability.

    Fans can also predict their views on Super Bowl LV online. Although Madden cannot predict the future, and this year's version has been criticized, these simulations have correctly predicted the Super Bowl champion 11 times in 17 games and correctly predicted the Super Bowl 49 score. So it seems this is a good sign for the Chiefs fans. MUT Coins to make yourself better in the game.