Echoes of Atlas: The Greater Endgame of Path of Exile

  • Since its release on PC in 2013, the free action role-playing game "Path of Exile" from New Zealand studio Grinding Gear Games has come a long way! The game has received at least 23 updates, most of which enhance the gameplay and the world of
    POE Currency. However, although the official release date of "Road of Exile 2" is still waiting, the first game to be launched is a new echo of the extended version of "Atlas". The new endgame chapter of "Path of Exile" will be released on PC on January 15 and on PS4 and Xbox One on January 20.

    The focus of 2020 is on new leagues such as Deli, Harvest and Heist, and the new year begins with the introduction of more content. Indeed, the echo of the Atlas expansion that will be launched on PC, PS4 and Xbox One further expands the endgame of the game by introducing new bosses, combat systems and skill trees.

    Through the live broadcast, Grinding Gear Games provided information about the expansion and will also be accompanied by a new league called Ritual. All of these will add "The Prodigy" (The Prodigy), which is the most powerful opponent in the game. Specifically, it will be hidden in the shadows to observe the player's behavior and their various attacks. Its proximity alone will increase the difficulty of fighting with bosses that already exist in the game: in addition to being more intense, conflicts will also be more difficult to manage, because sometimes players must eliminate up to ten bosses. at the same time! In the last square, La Prodige finally showed up, ready to fight in the tough battle!

    Needless to say, before the final battle with the child prodigy, players will be encouraged to equip spheres and scrolls. Indeed, improving their equipment and even reorganizing their passive skill tree is definitely necessary to overcome the last boss. They can do this by exchanging currency with other players or buying new currency from the game master, and they can also Buy POE Currency items on POECurrency.