Path of Exile: Meeting the challenge of Wolcen

  • While many ARPG fans are waiting for the long-awaited release of Diablo 4, many are looking for alternatives or fillers to achieve their breakthrough, hack-and-snatch, and itching before then. Some people may be looking for alternatives to Diablo 4. Although the Path of Exile has become the strongest alternative to Diablo in the ARPG category, "Walson: King of Chaos" presents itself as a new contender and quickly gains a unique foothold in the ARPG community. player's best auxiliary website will bring you the latest comparison, you can also Buy POE Exalted Orb in our store. It is your best aid.

    For fans who may follow both the Path of Exile and Wolcen and want to choose which one, in addition to the gorgeous visual effects of Wolcen or a large amount of content provided by The Road to Run, there are some important differences to consider.

    Path of Exile is a more complex game than Walson. It has a huge skill tree and a variety of systems to learn and become familiar with. Many people describe Wolcen as a hybrid of Diablo and the Path of Exile, or even the Path of Exile Lite. The Path of Exile and the Road to Wilson have similar skill trees, which are node-based and non-linear. However, the Path of Exile is more daunting for newcomers or casual players, and Walson's skill tree is more streamlined. They are usually similar, but the main difference is that the Wolcen increment between skill levels (especially passive skills) is greater, while Exile's path provides more branches, but statistics between each level The increase is small.

    The difference depends on the player's preferences. If a person likes to develop nuanced characters for a while slower, longer, and slightly immersed, then The Path of Exile will tickle. Wolcen will feel their characters become stronger at a faster rate and develop their skills at a faster rate, especially in the middle of the game, where the Path of Exile kills time.

    However, in terms of numbers, the Path of Exile has achieved a clear lead. At the same time, the Path of Exile has been in operation for more than six years, so it has accumulated a large number of fans. At the same time, the community culture of the Path of Exile is also an important content that is very attractive to players. At the same time, you can also Buy POE Chaos Orb in stores like and make rapid progress, which is attracting a large number of players.