How To Start Gasoline Log Splitter Quickly

  • When using Gasoline Log Splitter, many users find that the service life of the machine is longer and will have difficulties at the beginning. This situation is often caused by many reasons, such as daily operation and maintenance work. Therefore, we need to find the reasons for the start-up difficulties in a timely manner, and to prevent them correctly. Let me introduce it to you.
    1. Reasons for the difficulty of starting Gasoline Log Splitter
    1. When using this equipment, try to lubricate the machine, choose a large viscosity and good lubrication effect, so as to prevent the machine from excessive friction.
    2. There must be a certain rule for the use of different frequencies of the equipment, and repeated startup is the cause of our problem.
    3. Since the dust collector is affected by the bearing pressure cover of the device, some light sources are complicated hydraulic systems, which leads to reduced lubrication of the machine, which makes it difficult to start.
    2. Prevention of difficulty in starting Lumberjack Log Splitter
    1. Equipment maintenance and maintenance should be specially formulated, carried out on time, and problems should be solved early to avoid major production accidents.
    2. Ensure the symmetry of the physical dimensions of the feed and avoid excessive phenomena.
    3. Select a suitable lubricant for adjustment. When the machine is finished, it should continue idling for a period of time to discharge some wood chips and dust to minimize impurities inside the machine.
    For the use of Lumberjack Log Splitter, in addition to mastering the correct operation method, it is also necessary to pay attention to timely maintenance work. The equipment should pay attention to the operating conditions in real time during the operation, and should be shut down in time for inspection if abnormal phenomena occur. , To ensure that the staff can operate correctly and prevent the machine from being damaged due to improper operation and unable to start normally.