Awning Motors Factory Introduces The Functions Of Electric Curt


    Awning Motors Factory introduces the functional characteristics of electric curtains

    1. Timing automatic switch: Set the curtain to open or close every day, and open the curtains around a few hours in the morning to let the sunlight enter the room. Some users have the habit of drawing the curtains as soon as they enter the house at night, and they have to go to each room to draw the curtains after a day of exhaustion. If there are electric curtains, they don’t need it. As long as the time is set, the curtains of the whole family can be slowly closed immediately after returning home, saving the user the trouble of pulling the curtains by himself, and it is also time-saving and convenient.

    2. Anti-theft function: If the user is not at home for a long time, he may be worried about someone watching, then the electric curtain can be opened or closed regularly every day, creating the illusion that there are people living in the house every day, in case there are illegal elements. I think that if the lights are turned on and off regularly every day, it will be able to imitate the illusion of being inhabited every day, and it will have the effect of preventing theft. For the intelligent control terminal, it can be operated by buttons, or remotely controlled by a mobile phone, with multiple methods, which is more convenient and faster.

    3. Convenient operation: The electric curtain can be opened or closed regularly, and can also be opened or closed at will with one button. The double-layer curtain can be freely controlled in different time periods. Electric curtains are now widely used, hotels, office meeting rooms, gymnasiums, etc., especially large residential and villa users, it is impossible to go to the window to open and close the curtains every time. Electric curtains are even more needed.

    4. Can be operated separately. Some families use double curtains with two layers inside and outside. Users can freely choose whether to open or close the curtains according to their preferences or weather conditions. It can also be done at the same time, which is fast and convenient, so that the curtains can be controlled at will.

    5. Intelligent voice control: Some electric curtains also support voice control. Regarding whether the battery needs to be replaced frequently, there are currently two types of electric curtains on the market. One is directly plugged into the power source and does not need to be replaced; the other is a motor that uses an aluminum battery, which is directly driven by the motor. This kind of motor drive is divided into two charging methods: using solar panels or charging once every six months.

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