Everything I Do in Lost Ark in Order to Raise My Roster's Level

  • To begin, we will say at the beginning of this content that the most important thing is that we are aware that we are doing this in order to get a high roster level. This will serve as our introduction. This is done in order to achieve a high roster level. It goes without saying that we want to amass 750 subscribers, and at this point, we would like to get started on our pursuit of that goal. We are currently in close proximity to a tower due to the fact that every character in your account has the potential to become a tower. You control a tower made entirely of darkness. In the event that you have reached Level 50, the Destiny Tower will transform into a Level 2 tower, and the Level 3 tower will transform into a Throne Tower once you have reached that level.


    It is still highly recommended that you do this, but to answer your question in a nutshell: yes,