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  • If you intend to use the Immortal King set, the Wolfsbane to Iron Skin skill should be your first choice. This skill passively raises your defensive rating, making it more difficult for an opponent to hit your character. Keep in mind that in order to reap the benefits of your defensive values, you must be walking all of the time. Walking and running speed are both increased by this skill passively, allowing you to make quick contact with enemies who are walking around the battlefield. a naturally occurring element of abrasion resistanceIn the game, resistance is one of the most important statistics to have, and natural resistance passively increases all of them, making it one of the most effective barbarian skills available. Because your equipment will provide a significant portion of your resistance, you will most likely only require one point to be effective with this skill.

    • You should not be afraid to spend points here to make up for any deficiencies in resistance you might have

    • When you use this shout, you can significantly increase the defensive value of your entire team, allowing you to avoid even more attacks

    • All of your skills are temporarily boosted by adding one to improve the performance of your other skills

    • Make sure that before using Battle Command, all of your shouts have been used before using Battle Command

    • Barbarians have the highest amount of health of any character in Battle Command, owing to the fact that they spend one point per character on vitality (as opposed to the other characters)

    • When you use this shout, your life mana will receive a significant boost

    • In order to achieve incredible health at level 40, you must first focus on your whirlwind, which increases your stamina by a percentage, allowing you to achieve incredible health

    • After you've mastered your weapon, you can devote your attention to finishing your call to arms


    As for Tin, at levels 40 and 39, you should have approximately 43 skill points, and your skills should be placed as follows when participating in level 4 quests:Level 90 should have 101 skill points allocated to you from level 89, and at level 4 quests, your skills should be placed in the following positions:Keep in mind that, because this is a melee build, you will require a significant amount of equipment to complete it successfully. This is due to the fact that your damage will increase as a result of this.


    Rather than your skill points, the type of equipment you use will have a significant impact on your chances of hitting. With the ability to use a weapon in each hand, barbarians provide you with a plethora of options to choose from in combat. The most important thing to focus on first is getting a good damage weapon, and then on the rest of your equipment second and third. In recognition of the fact that you will be less prepared when you first begin, here are some inexpensive rune words that are also distinctive. First and foremost, there is the legendary helmet, which grants a rune word plus one for each skill, as well as 30 lightning resistances and a rune word for each skill. In order to obtain these, you must farm for runes, which can be obtained by completing nightmare encounters in the game world. In addition to the demon horn rim and halberd reign, the one-of-a-kind barbarian helmet is a good choice because it provides additional skills and excellent stats for weapons, similar to the demon horn rim. There are a couple of other options available as well. As a first and foremost, Bloodletting is an extremely unique sword that is perfectly suited for this version, as cheap D2 Non-Ladder Items (check them online) provides whirlwind, sword mastery, attack level damage, and attack speed, among other abilities.

    As an alternate option, Oath Rune Word is a fantastic choice that provides extremely fast damage attack speed as well as the ability to summon Wolverine Heart. In this case, it is important to note that Bone Spirit will not be triggered when using whirlwind during this time period.

    If you intend to make use of the sword mastery, you should consider upgrading to master wolfsbane status. After being fully outfitted, the immortal king crusher will take a significant amount of elemental damage, and the rest of your party will suffer as a result. In addition to having a fantastic whirlwind effect, the set will completely cover your resistance. Provide you with attack levels that are focused on the most pressing areas of concern. After reaching the highest level you desire, begin looking for the following content to complete your character's equipment: After reaching the highest level you desire, begin looking for the following content to complete your character's equipment:helmet with a reed faceUniquely, the best barbarian helmet provides a significant increase in skill attack levels, as well as faster hit recovery times. any and all oppositionagility, dexterity, and strength