It takes a lot of work to obtain the magic wand in Animal Cross

  • The magic wand is a collectible item in Animal Crossing: New Horizons that requires a lot of work to acquire but is well worth the trouble because it enables you to quickly switch between eight different outfits. Imagine it as a Tool Ring, but for your clothing instead of your tools. You'll need to track down some Star Fragments in order to put together this item. You will not, thank goodness, require a rocket ship in order to acquire them.

    The acquisition of Star Fragments and the Magic Wand will enable the player to unlock even more recipes for extraterrestrial craftables. Your first order of business is to track down Celeste, a jovial red owl who appears on your island only at night. In the following, we will outline each step that must be taken in order to quickly bring magic into your island life.

    FIRST STEP: Have Celeste give you the recipe for the magic wand and any hints she may have.

    The fact that the process must be started over the course of several days is easily the most inconvenient aspect of acquiring a magic wand.(However, if you are willing to cheat the clock in any way, you will be able to obtain it much more quickly.)

    Celeste, Blather's sister, will arrive on your island after about a week has passed since you started the game. You will never see her during the day, but you might run into her on the beach or near the Resident Services office at night. She will not only provide you with the straightforward instructions for making the Magic Wand, but she will also provide you with a tip on how to acquire star fragments, which is to make a wish upon a falling star.


    Following your conversation with Celeste and the receipt of the recipe, you will need to search for a falling star. During the night on your island, if a meteor shower is occurring, you should look up at the sky and wait for a shooting star to appear. When it does, you can make a wish by pressing the up arrow on the right stick while simultaneously pressing the A button. You are free to repeat this process on an unlimited number of exploding stars. After that, in order to see the results of your labor, you will have to wait until the following day.

    The third step is to collect the star fragments.

    If you make a wish for as many falling stars as you can possibly imagine, the next morning on your island you will find pieces of stars scattered across the sand. Be sure to search the entire perimeter of the island to collect every star fragment that appears, as the number that appears is dependent on how many stars you wish on. The number that appears varies depending on how many stars you wish on. Following this step, you will be ready to construct the wand.

    The next step is to construct the wand.

    The Magic Wand can be crafted by combining THREE REGULAR STAR FRAGMENTS, ONE LARGE STAR FRAGMENT, and ONE OTHER STAR FRAGMENT. If you've been paying attention and have followed all of the steps listed above, you should have everything you need to construct the wand at the workbench that's closest to you.

    You can now easily transition between different outfits whenever the mood strikes you. Because star fragments can also be used for a variety of other items in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you should always be on the lookout for meteor showers, which can provide you with a large number of star fragments.


    Once you have crafted the Magic Wand, additional Do It Yourself recipes that call for Star Fragments will become available to you. One of these is the LUNAR LANDER, which has been a mainstay in the Cheap ACNH Bells franchise ever since it was first introduced. This particular piece of furniture can be found in all of the games in the series. During any meteor shower, it is possible to collect pieces of stars, so make sure to keep an eye on the night sky.

    Within Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the only way to acquire Star fragments is to collide with shooting stars.

    This uncommon material is the primary component of the do-it-yourself recipes for wands, which are extremely helpful tools for people who are interested in fashion.

    If you want to make a wish that comes true, then you need to keep a watchful eye on the sky and cross your fingers that your island is visited by a meteor shower.

    During the time that a meteor shower is active on your island, one of the unique island visitors known as Celeste will be there.

    The shooting stars in New Horizons are exactly what they sound like: stars that shoot across the night sky and on which you can make a wish. When there is a meteor shower, there is a greater chance of seeing these unique stars.

    When you speak with Celeste, she will provide you with an explanation on shooting stars and, if this is the first time you have spoken with her, she will also provide you with the recipe for the Star wand that you can make yourself. There is also a possibility that Celeste will provide you with a do-it-yourself recipe for a piece of furniture with a constellation theme, such as an Aries Rocking Chair.

    The following is an explanation of how to make a wish on a falling star in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

    It is necessary to locate a shooting star in order to make a wish upon one while playing New Horizons. You can accomplish this goal in one of two ways: either by going about your normal activities on the island while keeping an ear out for a chime-like sound that indicates a shooting star is passing overhead, or by going to a location where you can see a large portion of the sky and waiting there.

    To make a wish upon a star, move the right analogue stick up and then press the A button.

    When you see or hear a shooting star, you should immediately press the A button and then tilt the camera up by moving the right analogue stick forward. This will allow you to capture the star as it travels through the frame. Simply ensure that you are not grasping anything in your hands at this time!

    In the event that you have performed the action correctly, your avatar will clasp their hands together, and the star will glow yellow for a split second.

    After making a wish upon a star, you should make sure to keep looking up into the sky for a few more seconds. This is because it is highly likely that a second star, and possibly even a third, will soon pass through the sky, granting you the opportunity to make even more wishes.