Players have the ability to enlarge ACNH Islands by increasing

  • In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, players have the ability to create their own islands and customize them, but the size of an island is capped at a certain point. It is not possible to increase the size of the islands, but it is possible to increase the height of an island by making use of cliffs. Nevertheless, even these cliffs have a cap on how high they can get by themselves.

    Players of Animal Crossing: New Horizons have the ability to create an island that is tailored to their individual preferences. This can be a one-of-a-kind layout of the player's own creation, or it can be based on a location or concept from either real life or fiction. Players have a wide variety of options available to them when it comes to the design of their islands, including a wide variety of items for decorating, options for terraforming, and building bridges. These features were expanded in 2021 with the release of ACNH's 2.0 update as well as the Happy Home Designer downloadable content (DLC), with the latter revolving around the process of designing the ideal homes for various iconic Animal Crossing villagers.

    Although creating one-of-a-kind Animal Crossing island designs and decorations is an essential component of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the true test of a player's inventiveness comes in rearranging the island's topography and modifying its overall form. On the other hand, there are bounds to the changes that can be made to an island. Because the island's perimeter cannot be increased, the only way to truly expand once one has made the most of the available space is to build upward.

    There are expansions available in Animal Crossing: New Horizons that allow the player to increase the size of buildings such as the town hall, the museum, and even their own home. A bigger home means more room for décor. Despite this, there has not been any growth that has increased the size of the island. Because of this limit, there is a restriction placed on the amount of land area that can be utilized by the player, as well as the maximum number of villagers that can reside on the island (11 total). The only way to add additional land to the island is to use the Island Designer app on the NookPhone to add cliffs, as this is the only way to do so.


    Through the use of the ACNH art, players are able to express their own personal Animal Crossing island design ideas by altering the amount of water and cliffs on their islands


    • It is possible to remove a pond that is in an undesirable location and replace it with a cliff

    • It is possible to create waterfalls by constructing waterfalls at the edge of cliffs

    • However, despite the limitless creative potential of terraforming, there are some constraints

    • There is a limit of four different cliff levels that can be added, and only three of them are climbable

    • When players reach the fourth cliff and make an attempt to climb it, a warning pops up telling them that climbing any higher is extremely risky

    Cliffs can be an enjoyable addition to the game, but they do reduce the amount of playable space that is available. Each new cliff must be built one space further away from the edge of the one that came before it than the one that came before that. When a player ascends higher levels, there is less space available for them to decorate and construct buildings.

    Even though Animal Crossing players have been petitioning Nintendo for more updates, Happy Home Designer marked the end of significant content add-ons to ACNH. As a result, it is unlikely that any changes will be made in the future to allow players to increase the size of their islands in the game. On the other hand, it's something that could potentially be implemented in a future Animal Crossing game. If there was more room, there might be more people living on the island, and children might have more room to explore their creative side. Up until that point, islands in Animal Crossing: New Horizons can only have a maximum height of four cliff levels, with only the first three of those levels being easily accessible.

    The Nightmare Before Christmas is a well-known film that is enjoyed by a large number of individuals, and players' islands could benefit from an easy adaptation of this film's design aesthetic. Animal Crossing fans can choose from a wide variety of spooky and cute designs for Halloween and Toy Day. In addition, players who have been playing since Animal Crossing was first made available to the public two years ago probably already have a sizeable collection of holiday decorations.

    Players can mix and match Halloween and Christmas decorations in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, but there are no items from the film itself included in the game. For instance, players have the ability to construct a graveyard by utilizing the Spooky Fence and the Western-style stone, both of which can be customized. In addition, players have the ability to customize the appearance of the graveyard by adding Toy Day decorations and Festive Trees.

    Players are able to recreate the scene from The Nightmare Before Christmas where the terrifying presents are placed beneath trees in their own homes by watching the film and following the on-screen instructions. A good illustration of this would be to use dark flooring and wallpaper, and then to place a large Christmas tree in the middle of the room. And underneath that tree, arrange the most spooky-looking Animal Crossing Christmas toy furniture you can find. There is also a Dolly and some Stuffed Toys in addition to the Stuffed Toys and the Stuffed Toys that can be found in the Doll House. Put a Creepy Skeleton underneath the tree to make things even more unsettling for the audience.