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  • Because of the specialized nature of her abilities, she is a lot more useful in player versus player (PvP) combat than she is in player versus monster (PvM) combat. This is because PvP combat is more fast-paced and intense than PvM combat. Because of her abilities, such as her stacking martial arts, the assassin is still able to take on large groups of monsters despite the moderate amount of difficulty that this presents. If you want to have an easier time playing this class, the first thing you should focus on doing when you enter the game is setting up traps and planting multiple stationary sentries. While they take care of the killing for you, you are free to kick back and relax in the cozy chair that you have provided for yourself. Trap Assassin is a common misspelling of the word Trassassin, which is also a common misspelling. There are a few different ways that the name "Trap Assassin" can be spelled. One of those ways is "trapsin."The training of martial arts encompasses a wide range of different sub-disciplines, each of which has its own distinct focus that tends to be emphasized by those who train in it.


    In light of the fact that this is a fundamental aspect of an assassin's build, a good rule of thumb to follow is that an assassin's build should be composed of fundamental abilities that are accessible to any player.


    - If you only use one or two claw-class weapons, increasing your Attack Rating with Claw Mastery will allow you to avoid spending too many points on your Dexterity stat

    - This is because you will have a higher Attack Rating to spend those points on

    - This is the case regardless of whether or not