I'm currently ranked in the top 100 for Rocket League and I des

  • Seven years have passed since that time. In the first season of Rocket League, there are only three bronze medals, fifty silver medals, one hundred gold medals, and one platinum medal. These medals are only awarded to the top one hundred players. In point of fact, most people would be surprised to learn that I once took part in the top 100 competition for a short while before going back to the first season. Evidently, a significant amount of time has passed since then.

    I was thinking about how I would act in the lobby of the top 100 today and wondering how it would go. Therefore, figuring out how I would get together with a group of different top 100 professional players and only play Two for a person who has not played the ranking match in two seasons will be the most difficult task I have ever faced in my entire career. This will be the greatest obstacle I have ever faced in my professional career. In my opinion, that is not acceptable. This is a very reserved statement, so I really hope you enjoy this little experiment, and that you subscribe to this channel, as I am extremely grateful for the support that you have shown for the new content that has been posted recently.

    Since this game consists entirely of flyers, I will be given permission to add my blue label to the content here because decent people deserve it. OK, OK, so it seems that both you and I understand what it is that I am referring to. I am not familiar with his identity.

    It is very intriguing to think about. First, let's look at the easiest possible kick-off and scrub. Wait a minute.  I believe that we are doing quite well. It's such a shame. This guy is seriously talented. He must really edit it quickly, Yes, I just got up early in a general sense.

    The first thing that needs to be addressed is he, your scissors. I am currently selling them. I'm still getting used to the pigs in Europe. This will be my justification for our defeat, but I am confident that we will prevail.

    So I have no excuse. Oh, you are going to open these. I see your double chance. Brother, he has just made this place publicized for his stuff. This is an excellent candidate for the title of double champion. You must let go at that point.

    Yes, good. We have reemerged. Brother Frost is known to be a fierce competitor. If it were up to me, he wouldn't put in as much effort, but he wants us to come out on top. This is totally insane. I have to be patient while the touchscreen is being prepared.


    They appear to be wasting time, and it would appear that they are


    1. In point of fact, he is after the individual whose papers I am currently folding

    2. You are not very competent at all

    3. Okay, here is some advice for you to consider

    4. Okay, okay, bro, how about we try it once more

    5. I am prepared, all set, here, all right, and in good shape

    6. I'm good

    7. I'll be fine after I die

    8. I'll get ahead of you as well

    9. Keep doing good work

    10. You will need to get stronger

    OK. We are going to save them. The answer is that it is not possible. There is only one objective to pursue.

    Brother has only one objective in mind. Another one of your convictions is that you are incapable of scoring quality goals. I have the opportunity to go. Will you make a bid?

    The only one,Ok, I'll wait for you. I'll be fine. Oh, no, he does not need any improvement because he is already very good.

    Are you able to get there right now? Oh, Rocket league exchange just started talking not too long ago. Not at all; in fact, this lobby brother represents the greatest challenge we have faced to date. This is totally insane.

    We have a lot of potential. I'm sure you are, aren't I? yes.  I have the impression that we have been playing. The ability to communicate is excellent, without a doubt. Okay, I guess that wraps things up. Come on, come on, no, that's not going to work, it's too close. yes. This item holds the title of world champion. It's excellent in every way. I'll wager that you have nothing to lose, which means you'll put pressure on me as well. I am a popular person. No, I do not think it is appropriate for me to imply that it is your concern. Since you are a happy cat, you can do whatever you want, you won't be affected in any way, and it doesn't matter what happens. OK, yes, I'm making an effort, oh yes.  Mr.

    I believe that if I make an effort to acquire a pickup truck, there is a good possibility that he will perform admirably when it comes to the final round. Good news, I was able to block it, and he will have a very restricted movement. I killed it, I killed it, and that's fine; the game isn't over for you. The first victory has been achieved. Let's take a look at who our competitors are among the top 20. There seems to be a problem there. Naturally, this is to one's advantage.

    I have a baby who sweats a lot and an excellent midwife. Indeed, I have to make my way back. I've never seen anyone defend so well.

    To put it simply, I'm challenging, very good, and very good. Oh, this is such a fortunate turn of events! I am in the same position as you are due to the fact that he made an error at the beginning but is still making progress. Absolutely not, that was one hilarious movie, sibling. Regardless of whether or not you win, I will still mess it up. I find it to be an odd game, and they are showing a lot of embarrassment.

    I intend to proceed slowly. I will turn around and put my boots in front of me. Imagine to him again. You are aware of the fact that in point of fact, no, no, no, this is entirely my fault. Brother, I believe that Rocket League credits still have a chance of succeeding.

    You have an excellent sensitivity to touch. Come on, let's relax. I don't think we play all that poorly; if anything, our performance is only slightly above average when we're at our best.

    You really ought to give Spanish a shot. I believe that you should remain in that location and not engage in any activity. No, don't be concerned, young man.

    How could it have turned out this way? Oh, my God. In this game, they are competing against crr. Okay, let's move on. Let's see if  can defeat Sierra, who goes by the name Kofi.

    How do you know? Let's cheer up. It's cutting it too fine. I'm going to hand the ball off to him. The level of Sierra is continually climbing. Yes, I'm a little choppy, but you can count on me to get you there again. I believe I just committed myself to more than one thing there. I'm sorry to tell you this, but it looks like you didn't get the job done. He has since evolved into a hipster. OK, OK, it works. This is another attempt, but this time it's successful.

    Don't do what we have been doing. Oh, I'm going to be such an annoyance because I watch content on YouTube every single week. You are obligated to do this, and at a moderate level. Yes, I am a central defender. That guy has a lot of clutter. I can. You can take credit for that, Jiao. I got up. He stood back up. I can't give him enough of a fight. Indeed, rocket league item shop prices (go to buy)'s satisfying. If I go, he will have to deal with enough problems on his own. Oh well, I lied about it, even though you should go ahead and be free, oh, you already are, so it's not in this location. Yes, it is not lovely; however, it is wonderful; in fact, the peace and quiet are so overwhelming that I am bewildered; it's as if I did not anticipate anyone to return. I know. Wait a minute.  This makes me feel terrible. I'm assuming, Sierra, that this is some sort of European lobby. It is incumbent upon me to demonstrate it. I really have no idea. Obviously, I will do so.

    Oh, you unfortunate soul, we played much better than I had anticipated. That was my experience when I was back in the top 100, and I can confirm it.