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  • Players from all over the world are currently devoting a great deal of attention and effort to creating the ideal island paradise in the game Animal Crossing: New Horizons for the Nintendo Switch now that it has finally been made available to the public after a long wait. The enjoyable part of the trip can start once you've selected your island, given it an amusing name, and determined where you want to establish your base camp.

    After you have paid off your initial debt to Tom Nook, which was denominated in the form of 5,000 Nook Miles, you will be able to make purchases with a brand new form of currency that was not previously available to you. This obligation was created when you began using the Nook for the first time. But in this present moment, where exactly should you focus the majority of your attention? The following are the three things that, in our opinion, are the very best examples of their respective categories.

    • After you have made the transition from a tent to a house, Tom Nook will make the corresponding change to your Nook Miles account

    • In case you were wondering, the answer is that you have complete leeway to relocate it whenever you see fit

    • In contrast, this is not for the more luxurious First Class spa treatments that are available

    • Tom Nook is behaving in a manner that is consistent with how he typically does things, and he is taking advantage of the opportunity to make even more money off of you by upgrading to the Nook Miles + program


    Bells and Nook Miles are the two forms of in-game currency that can be acquired by playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Obtaining either one of these currencies requires progressing through the game. You will need BELLS in order to make purchases from Timmy Nook in Resident Services, where you can get things like seeds and fundamental tools. In order to pay for your items, you will need to use BELLS. You can obtain Bells by selling things that you discover on the island, such as wood, fruit, and shellfish, and using those Bells to buy other items. Shells are another item that you could put up for sale. You can also earn Bells by selling items that you find on the island and have gathered together in your explorations of it. You can also make a little bit of extra money by selling any old furniture or clothing accessories that you no longer require or want. This is a great way to clear out space in your home without having to throw anything away. Those who have a lot of stuff lying around the house that they never use have this option available to them.

    When compared to other programs of its kind, NOOK MILES operates in a manner that can be described as somewhat distinctive. You can acquire them by completing a variety of tasks, such as fishing, crafting, or catching bugs. You can also get them by killing monsters. When you go fishing, one of the things you might catch is a bug. Inside of your Nook Phone, you will find a comprehensive listing of all of the attainable rewards that can be purchased with your Nook Miles. You can acquire these rewards by exchanging your accumulated Nook Miles for them. Even though you can earn a good number of them just by exploring and making your way through the game on your own, it is still a good idea to take a quick look through the app and keep some of the award requirements in mind. Even though you can earn a good number of them just by exploring and making your way through the game on your own, you can earn a good number of them just by exploring and makingYou can earn a good number of them simply by exploring and navigating your way through the game on your own, and despite the fact that you can earn a good number of them this way, you can earn a good number of them simply by exploring and navigating your way through the game on your own.

    If you are on the verge of being awarded a prize, catching one or two fish shouldn't be too challenging, does that not sound about right? As you begin playing the game for the first time, the majority of the achievements you can earn will award you with between 300 and 500 Nook Miles for completing them.

    You can cash in your Nook Miles by going to the NOOK STOP, which resembles an ATM and is situated in the area of the building that is designated for resident services. You can do this by going to the section of the building that is designated for resident services. You will first be given the opportunity to select one of the available options, which will be for you to Redeem Your Nook Miles. When you have finished constructing a house, you will unlock the ability to use certain items that you did not have access to when you first started playing the game.


    It irritates me that I even have to buy this, and I believe you should feel the same way about bells animal crossing (Get Code). If I'm being completely honest with you, I think you should have the same reaction. In the same way that running and skipping cutscenes are currently locked behind paywalls, this is an essential gameplay feature that shouldn't be locked behind a paywall either. Curse you, Tom Nook!

    Put an end to your complaining and concentrate instead on acquiring the tool ring so you can call yourself the owner of the tool. It is anticipated that you will be able to unlock this one in a reasonably short amount of time after you have constructed a home and obtained access to the Nook Miles + options. Pressing the up button on the D-Pad is all that is required of you once you have it mastered in order to access all of your tools in a hurry. This eliminates the need for you to navigate the available menus in a laborious manner, saving you the trouble and inconvenience of doing so. If you happen to be out and about and come across a fish thrashing around in a nearby river, there is a fantastic opportunity for you to buy some time for yourself in the not too distant future.





    - Are you sick of your fragile axes breaking simply because you gave them your all on a couple rocks

    - If so, you should consider upgrading

    - In terms of your equipment, there is a great deal of room for advancement for you, bro

    - This book of six recipes for the construction of tools is more durable and is capable of completing a greater amount of work than its predecessor

    - You can use them to cut down trees, which is useful if you are some kind of tree-hating psychopath or if you simply want to build a bridge

    - You can also use them to build bridges

    - Keep in mind that in order to upgrade to a better version of a tool, you will initially require access to the tool's more basic version in order to do so

    - In other words, in order to upgrade, you will need to have the basic version of the tool

    One of the most essential decisions you need to make early on in the game is how you will take advantage of the fact that you will not be able to obtain these recipes from any other source.


    When you first start playing New Horizons, you will be given a pitiful total of 20 ITEM SLOTS to use during your time with the game. As you make your way further into the game, this will become different. It is possible that during the first half an hour or so, this will appear to be sufficient; however, once you begin gathering the materials, you will realize that this is not even close to being sufficient.

    You are more than welcome to bring any unused or unwanted items that you have lying around to sell them at Timmy Nook, which is located in the Resident Services building. You can actually get rid of all of your belongings in the same way that any other animal would, which is by dumping them on the ground close to your hut. This is the same method that they would use. On the other hand, wouldn't it be preferable if you led your new island by setting an example of organized dignity and commanding respect from those around you? The purchase of this upgrade grants you access to 10 additional inventory slots in addition to the slots you already have available to you. You will want to acquire this upgrade as soon as possible because of how helpful it is; however, you should not do so before acquiring the other tool upgrades or the Tool Ring first. You will want to acquire this upgrade as soon as possible because of how helpful it is.

    When this feature finally becomes available, you will be able to buy an additional 10-slot expansion for the price of 8,000 Nook Miles when it finally becomes available. We have not yet made enough progress in New Horizons to be able to see any additional updates beyond that one; this is predicated on the assumption that there will be additional upgrades in the future.