Market Analysis Of Foam Board


    The application prospect of foam board For developed countries, the market of thermal insulation materials is very huge. According to incomplete statistics, its per capita sales are 0.76 cubic meters in the United States, 0.70 cubic meters in Norway, 0.51 cubic meters in Finland, 0.41 cubic meters in Germany, 0.38 cubic meters in Austria, 0.30 cubic meters in Belgium, and 0.27 cubic meters in France. , The sales volume of thermal insulation materials is 90 million cubic meters per year, worth 40 billion yuan. In the huge market mentioned above, foam plastics account for one-third. In other words, the annual sales volume of thermal insulation materials composed of polystyrene, polyurethane and other materials exceeds 30 million cubic meters in the European market and 20 million cubic meters in the United States. my country's thermal insulation material market started late, especially the market development of organic thermal insulation materials is lagging behind. For a long time, a lot of use has been focused on packaging. However, in recent years, with the development of economy and the entry of foreign technology, the use of organic materials in construction has achieved great development, which is limited to the amount of polystyrene and polyurethane used in the construction of color steel sandwich panels for workshops. It exceeds 1.5 million cubic meters every year, of which a large number of foam boards are used for secondary foaming. With the development of the economy, this market is bound to expand, and there will be a large market that will be covered by foam boards. The current situation of foam board in the field of building energy conservation The energy policy of our government is to "pay equal attention to development and conservation", and to put conservation in the first place. Energy conservation remains a strategic focus of China's energy industry. In 1986, the Ministry of Construction promulgated the "Civil Building Energy Conservation Design Standard", and then further improved the standard's indicators. Before the implementation of building energy-saving standards, my country has accumulated nearly 8 billion square meters of residential area over the years. Since 2000, the energy-saving renovation of the original buildings with poor thermal environment or high energy consumption in the heating area has been started.

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