Hydatos in FFXIV

  • The weapon of Hydatos is very valuable in the game, because it is very powerful, players are making unremitting efforts to forge it, because it can help us kill more enemies, get rich loot and FFXIV Gil. Now I will introduce you to the casting method of the following three Hydatos weapons.

    Hydatos Knuckles

    If you're using the Monk class, Hydatos Knuckles will fit nicely for you. This weapon can deal high magic damage and physical damage to the enemy. But you'll need Pyros Knuckles and 50 Hydatos Crystals to craft this mighty weapon.

    Hydatos Knives

    Hydatos Knives are a very powerful pair of weapons for the Ninja Class; similar to other Hydratos gear in FFXIV, these knives have high physical and magic damage. You can craft it with your Pyros Knives, in addition to needing 50 Hydratos Crystals to upgrade it.

    Hydatos Blades

    The Hydatos Blade is the most suitable melee weapon of the Samurai class. Your Samurai class character with this weapon will be able to deal a lot of melee and magic damage. Hydatos Blades can be obtained by empowering your Pyros Blades with 50 Hydratos Crystals.

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