Three excellent weapons in Star Wars The Old Republic

  • No single weapon is perfect for any opponent in Star Wars The Old Republic, and you'll need to equip your team with a mix of ranged and melee options.Choose the right weapon to clear enemies faster, earn loot and SWTOR Gold.

    Zersium Rifle – KOTOR 2
    The Zersium Rifle is an excellent blaster that stands out in its class. Because it has a maximum range of 28 meters and a powerful damage range of 3-25, this gun will rip through most enemies with a powerful blast of energy. It has high damage and wide range at the same time.

    You have about a 10% chance of inflicting a Critical Hit when using it. It also adds an Attack Modifier while still being fully upgradeable, making it a great choice for any ranged character.

    Bacca's Ceremonial Blade – KOTOR 1
    Bacca's Ceremonial Blade has a damage range of 4-14 and has Energy Damage and Attack Modifier. Despite its unique qualities, it is also upgradeable, and the Bludgeoning damage range against robots increases with upgrades, making Bacca's Blade the best option against organics and synthetics.

    Cassus Fett's Heavy Pistol – KOTOR 1
    While 4-11 Energy damage and a 20-20 critical range are fairly average, Cassus Fett's Heavy Pistol is known for its powerful secondary effects.

    The pistol has a 25% chance to stun for 6 seconds, and the Attack Modifier is +3, the base damage can be increased to 6-19, and the critical range can also be expanded to 19-20

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