You Need to Know Screw Design of Rubber Extruder Machine


    The screw design of the rubber extruder machine is determined according to the type of rubber produced and the type of rubber product. When the equipment is in production, some products need to use a vented rubber extruder for extrusion production, and some need to use a pin rubber extruder for production. We have to choose equipment according to the production process of the product. The screw length to diameter ratio of the rubber extruder is also designed according to different rubbers. Like the extrusion production of silicone rubber extruder, the silicone rubber extruder designs the extruder screw according to its production characteristics. The screw length to diameter ratio of the silicone rubber extruder is 1:14 or 1:16. The screw length-to-diameter ratio of the ordinary cold feed rubber extruder is usually 1:20. So we have to choose the rubber extruder according to the specific types of products and rubber types. Hebei Weiyuan Rubber & Plastic Equipment Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer specializing in the production of extruders. The company's equipment includes rubber extruders, plastic extruders, sealing strip production lines, luminous edge strip extruders, rubber strainers and other equipment. Friends in need can come to the company for investigation and visit, or call for consultation.