4 Common Surfaces Used in Science Lab Tables

  • When it comes to maintaining the overall efficiency of the workplace, science lab tables play a crucial role in every corporate laboratory. To operate effectively in certain lab conditions, these lab tables feature sturdy worktops, are built of chemical-resistant elements, and other essential features that fulfil varied requirements. To increase the overall productivity of your workplace it is also critical to choose the proper furniture elements for these tables. (Information source: https://www.rdm-ind.com/science-lab-bench-tables/)

    Frequently used surfaces for science tables

    Chemicals, heat, and wear resistance are the main factors that need to be taken into consideration while choosing science table materials.

    1. High-pressure plastic laminate 

    This type of typical black laminate with excellent scratch resistance is considered as the most standard surface when it comes to lab tables. While this is the most cost-effective option, it has poor resilience to the high heat and toxic environments found in the laboratory. This type of science table is generally preferred for presentations, studies, or non-toxic non-liquid projects.

    2. Phenolic resin

    This top is generally thermo-fused, which creates a smooth finish where the top touches the edges for easy maintenance and disinfection, which is a bonus in biological labs. Phenolic resin has been thermo-fused under thermal stress to produce a uniform black chemical-resistant composite. Being exposed to such common laboratory substances as Nitric acid 30%, acetic acid 98% and more, phenolic resin does not tend to discolour, etch, or exhibit any effects. 

    3. Epoxy resin

    Since it is resistant to common lab substances and heat, this material may potentially be utilised for scientific tables and workstations in combination with various scientific experimentations. Its monolithic design prevents the potential of substrate swelling, delamination, or exposure and is highly long-lasting along with having water-resistant properties. Upon exposure to such common laboratory substances as Nitric Acid 70%, Hydrochloric Acid 20% and more, this also remains unaffected like phenolic resin.

    4. Welded fibre with black powder coat

    There seem to be no seams to gather hazardous chemicals or pollutants since this coating is chemically resistant. This gently textured surface not only offers excellent chemical resistance but also improves scratch resistance significantly. The tables, which have been repeatedly powder-coated, do not discolour, etch, or show symptoms when exposed to these common laboratory chemicals: Sulphuric Acid 70%, Sodium Hydroxide 25%, Nitric Acid 25%n and more.

    Buying Laboratory Science Tables: What to Look for?

    Addressing certain queries regarding the function of the tables is necessary while buying the ideal lab science tables. For instance, scientific lab tables with racks, drawers, and cabinets are ideal for professionals who require tables that prioritise the storage factor. It is a sensible move to consider the lab's storage requirements as well as the available storage area. Make sure to choose a science lab table that is constructed of the appropriate materials to endure the activities or experiments that will be carried out on them.

    What are the most common applications of a scientific table?

    While laboratory tables are used for a wide range of applications, the most typical use is in academic settings, such as chemical and biology laboratories in high schools. Apart from that, clean rooms, research facilities, industrial facilities, and medical laboratories may also benefit from these lab tables. For maximum efficiency in scientific laboratories, lab tables are often made of customised materials and designs as well.


    The best equipment you will need to provide your research lab is high-quality science lab tables and furniture. Science lab furniture made of the highest quality materials not only provides durability but aids in increasing workplace efficiency as well.