Ottawa in one day- Top 4 things to experience in 24 hours

  • Located on the south bank of River Ottawa and divided by Rideau River and Rideau Canal, Ottawa is a city brimming with diverse cultures all over the globe. This capital city of Canada is mostly populated by the French, making it a bilingual city while maintaining the heritage and culture of Canada intact. The best neighbourhoods to stay in Ottawa are Sparks Gate, Westboro, Downtown Rideau to name a few, but to explore this place in one day here are some of the things you can do to enhance your travel experience.

    Skate on the biggest outdoor rink in the world

    Ottawa has the biggest natural skating rink in the world which stretches almost 8 kilometres. A part of the Rideau Canal transforms into a large skating rink during the winter which makes it the largest skating rink in this world. You can engage in skating all day long or spend time with your family, loved ones or just by yourself as this place is open 24-hours a day making it one of the most visited places in the city. You can also find snacks and the popular Beaver Tail which are a type of deep-fried dough sweets and is popular around the neighbourhood.

    Visit the local market

    Ottawa has the oldest market in Canada which has buildings surrounded by open-air stalls and is comparatively a busy place all year long. Situated in the heart of the city centre, Byward Market offers fresh fruits, vibrant flowers, vegetables and groceries. You can also choose to indulge in local delicacies in the nearby restaurants and cafés and food stalls while strolling around the market. There is no better place to wander around and meet the locals than Byward Market.

    Pay a visit to Parliament

    Located in the heart of the city, the magnificent Gothic revival Parliament Hill overlooks the Ottawa River and is the home to the Parliament of Canada. Being a major tourist attraction, this place is comprised of three buildings along with a wide formal garden. You will be provided with multiple tours throughout the day in both English and French. Several national celebrations, demonstrations, and shows take place on the grounds of the complex which makes this place even more interesting to visit.

    Have an idea of Canada’s history

    Being the historical and cultural hub of Canada, Ottawa is the home to many museums and galleries. You will have tons of options including the Canadian Museum of Nature, the Canadian War Museum, the National Gallery of Canada, Canada Agriculture Museum and many more. There are also some interesting museums Ottawa has to offer that include the Canada Science and Technology Museum, the Portrait Gallery of Canada, Bank of Canada Currency Museum etc.


    Ottawa has a moderate collection of museums, unique attractions, vibrant nightlife and trendy restaurants to offer and although this list does not mention everything that you can experience there it surely gives you an idea to plan your vacation accordingly.