Top 5 Unmissable Tourist Attractions In Pretoria

  • Famously known as the Jacaranda City due to the brimming mauve blossoms in the spring, Pretoria is considered to be the industrial, educational and cultural hub of South Africa. This administrative capital of the country shares capital city status with both Bloemfontein and Cape Town. With plenty of monuments, museums, greeneries and nature reserves there are a number of affordable hotels in Pretoria to ensure your stay more worthwhile. (Information source:

    Let us look at where the crowd is and check out the best tourist attractions of this place.

    National Zoological Gardens

    Popular among most tourists, the National Zoological Gardens spans over 85 hectares and is home to a wide variety of mammal collection. The zoo has a dedicated reptile house where you can find a huge collection of animals all over the globe and a large aquarium with numerous species of fish to observe. You can also take a tour of the zoo by rented golf carts or just stroll around the paths to have a relaxed experience. 

    Voortrekker Monument

    Established in 1949, this landmark is considered to be a South African National Heritage site and is one of the most visited historic monuments of the country. This historic landmark is a 40-meter-high structure made out of granite which was built to honour and pay respect to the Voortrekkers. You can experience a 360-degree view of the city from the roof while exploring the rich history of the place along with experiencing classical music performances.

    Pretoria National Botanic Garden

    Located in the east, this 76-hectare garden is considered to be the peaceful gateway of the city. You can find a huge range of flora and fauna that includes half the country’s tree species from cycads, plants to aloes and more. You’ll find the plants classified according to their climate area including coastal forests, savannas and more. Apart from the gardens, there is also the National Herbarium where you can find a huge collection of plant specimen and can also relax at the lakefront restaurant located nearby.

    Union Buildings

    Located at the highest point of Meintjieskop Hill near Church Square, Union Buildings are established in 1913 and was designed by Sir Herbert Baker. The architecture consists of an impressive mix of various styles and culture including English renaissance, Italian renaissance and Cape Dutch. Union Buildings serve as the seat of government and houses the president's office as well as the state archives.

    Moreleta Kloof Nature Reserve

    Situated in the foothills of Moreleta Kloof this 100 hectares nature reserve is considered as the haven for nature lovers as well as hikers and trekkers. You can find a wide range of wildlife from bushbuck, springbok, zebra, ostrich, and impala along with hundreds of species of birds. Being abandoned with lush greenery and animal species this is one of the most sought out destinations among travellers.

    Apart from these famous attractions, Pretoria has tons of attractive sights and landscapes to offer for every kind of tourists and travellers so that you can never go out of option while visiting this spectacular city.