Get to Know Your Dartboard

  • A dart game can be your stress buster or profession while enhancing your ability to focus and decide. In a dart game, after you have understood the rules and mastered the basics, you will need your own dart accessories. Darts are usually played indoors, so you won't find it an issue to play your dart game at home. You'll need a dartboard along with a set of darts for this. These are some of the basic requirements that you will need to play darts.

    You should make sure that you are buying the right type when you buy a dartboard, or else you will find yourself cursing every time you throw a dart. You need to get familiar with the types of dartboards currently available on the market before you buy a dartboard.

    Let us go through some of the different dartboards available in the market:-

    • Magnetic Dartboards: The name itself states that magnetism is a central element in this kind of dartboard. You should still be cautious when buying a dart for magnetic dartboards. The tips of the darts should have magnetic properties so that they adhere to the dartboard's ferrous surface. Beginners typically use a magnetic dartboard to practice the art of dart throwing. These dartboard shapes are very common with children as parents won't have to worry about their children playing with sharp objects and getting injured.
    • Bristle Dartboards: The bristle dartboard is one of the dartboards that are most widely found and is available worldwide. The history of this type of dartboard dates back to the 1930s. In the manufacturing process of the bristle dartboards, compressed sisal fibres are glued to the supporting surface. The bristle dartboard is built in such a way that it will automatically close the holes created in the dartboard when throwing a dart. This role contributes to the durability of the dartboard and novice players should definitely try out this board.
    • Electronic Dartboards: Arachnid began the development of electronic dartboards for the first time. Electronic dartboards have become highly popular among bars and pubs since their inception. As the scores are immediately shown, casual and skilled players alike find the electronic dartboards handy. However, in a professional dart game, this sort of dartboard might not always be preferred.

    Prior to making a purchase, you should always weigh the depth and density of the dartboard.