Privileges of Using Hand Sanitizer Filling Machine

  • Hand sanitizer is a type of liquid or gel that can be used to get rid of bacteria or germs from your hands or any kind of surface. Filling machines that can handle liquid products with low to high viscosity are required to fill the bottles of hand sanitizers. Liquid fillers are generally used as hand sanitizer filling machines. Your production line will be simplified in different ways by using such equipment.

    Ease of Service

    The operation of such filling machines is indeed very simple. The device would need only a few hand adjustments when working. The device is designed with a touchscreen interface in order to monitor critical settings such as fill time, indexing time, pump speed and some others. However, in addition to service, you also have to pay attention to the safety steps while operating the device. For doing so, you need to understand the requirements.

    Upgradeability of Machine

    After you purchase a filling machine, you can upgrade it depending on your demand for production. The fill heads are replaceable and it is possible to upgrade the number of fill heads. Four, six or eight filling heads will come with an automated filling unit, and as production demand increases, you can add more. Mainly in most of the machines, the maximum amount of filling heads mounted on nozzle bars is sixteen. In that instance, in each cycle, sixteen bottles are filled. Production speed varies according to the machine limit, the shape and size of the bottle and the product form.

    Flexibility of Machine

    The filling machines are not equipped for filling a single product or container of a single kind. Almost all of the machines allow the product to get filled with both low and high viscosity. They are also able to handle containers of different shapes and sizes. If a business requires a machine for packaging of both thin and thick products, an automatic filling machine would be the best choice to execute the work smoothly and efficiently.

    Higher Output Rates

    In comparison to the manual functions, filling machines allow the hand sanitizer manufacturing companies to produce faster. After optimizing the machine based on the type of product, liquid filling machines would automatically fill the bottles quickly and easily. Besides, as per need, you can even manually change the filling capacity.

    Coherence in Filling

    The method for manual filling creates differences in the quantity of the substance in containers. The probability of such differences is minimized by filling machines. Apart from boosting production, it enables every filling cycle to retain consistent and efficient filling. You can also develop bottles filled with the same level, volume, weight and with some other product measurement.

    The market offers different forms of filling machines. You just have to make sure which machine can better fit your packaging requirements. In addition, you must choose a manufacturer that provides high-quality goods and offers options for customization.