The Industries Benefitting from Rugged Smartphones

  • Regardless of the application you require or industry your busines operates in, there are several rugged devices available on the market that can assist your employees in working faster, more effectively, more consistently, as well as with greater efficiency. Whether you are only just making the move from pen and paper to technology, upgrading from a consumer-grade computer, or are already on the cutting edge of mobile field technology, and simply need more devices, there are several different rugged smartphones available that will suit your industry needs. (Information source:

    Are you not completely convinced that a rugged device is what you need to extend office efficiency to the field? Well, did you know that rugged smartphones bring low total cost of ownership (TCO), as well as a fast return on investment (ROI) to your bottom line? Not to mention, these smartphones have been specially manufactured to withstand even the toughest of working conditions.

    Before getting into the several industries that can benefit from rugged smartphones, let us first discuss the physical device a little more, as well as the concept of ‘rugged’. It is essentially a term used to describe how durable and robust the device is. It is important to note that what is ‘rugged’ to one industry, may not be rugged to another. Different industries will have different requirements, especially in terms of the environments the rugged smartphones are able to withstand.

    As mentioned previously, there are various industries that will, or are currently, benefitting from rugged smartphones. The only thing is, some smartphones are more rugged than others, depending on the conditions within the industry. Nevertheless, the industries benefitting from rugged smartphones will be discussed below.

    1. The agricultural industry

    Rugged smartphones provide those that work within this industry the latest innovations to agricultural operations, which allows for the business to be managed profitably. In addition to this, agriculture work happens in various environments. Not only will the device be exposed to a range of temperatures, but they may also contend with obstacles such as mud and water. Unlike consumer-grade computers, rugged smartphones are able to withstand all of the above.

    2. The construction industry

    There are rugged smartphones available on the market that have features allowing them to be used in bright sunlight or heavy rain, with gloved hands or docked onboard a rattling dozer cab. From the heavy machinery to the weather exposure, construction sites contain hazards that are not only considered dangerous for the physical workers, but for the technology too. Therefore, workers need to be equipped with the right rugged smartphones and devices to ensure they are less vulnerable to these hazards.

    3. The warehousing industry

    In terms of the warehousing industry, the rugged smartphones utilised are nowhere near as rugged as those mentioned above. However, they have still become indispensable tools for efficient warehousing. These devices can be mounted onto forklifts, carts, and truck dashboards, or carried across warehouse floors without fear of the smartphone becoming damaged from the strong vibrations, roughness, or drops.