Vital Features of a Storage Unit

  • Whether you are downsizing and need space to store your belongings, renovating a room inside your house and need a place to store the furniture, decluttering your home, or simply looking for a secure place to store your collector’s items, there are several different storage units in Cape Town that can provide you with the space you require. Over the past few years, the storage industry has seen exponential growth. As such, more and more storage companies have started popping up. While this is a huge benefit, because you will most certainly find a suitable storage unit, it also makes choosing one far more difficult. (Information source:

    Some people tend to opt for storage units in Cape Town that are more affordable, while others opt for units that are closer to where they live or work. While both factors should be taken into consideration, there are several other important features you need to look out for when choosing between the several different storage units, some of which will be discussed below.

    1. The security facilities

    If you are going to be storing your valuable belongings at these storage units, you need to ensure that they have the necessary security facilities. Do they have CCTV video monitoring? Is the facility guarded by security personnel and equipped with a fire detection system and sprayers? All this needs to be taken into account when considering the different storage units.

    2. The accessibility facilities

    How easy will it be to move your goods around at the different storage units? This is important to take into consideration, as facilities with goods elevators may make the entire process far easier. Think about it, if you have heavy belongings that you want to store, but will need on a regular basis, a good elevator will make moving your goods around a lot less difficult.

    3. The vehicle storage facilities

    Not all storage units have facilities where you can store your vehicles. If you plan on storing goods, as well as a vehicle or two, it would be wise to opt for a facility where you can store both. If you store your goods at one unit, and your vehicle at another, it will just make the entire process even more complicated.

    4. The space availability

    How flexible are the different storage units? Do they have set units available per customer, or are they willing to provide their customers with as much storage as they require? This needs to be considered, especially when you have an incredibly large, or little, amount of goods to store.

    5. Whether they supply packing supplies

    This is not as important as the above-mentioned factors, however it is still a factor that needs to be considered. When you store your items at one of the several storage units in Cape Town, it is recommended that you protect your belongings with the necessary packing supplies, such as boxes, mattress bags, bubble wrap, etc. If the facility you opt for offers this, it just makes the process of storing your goods far easier.