The Various Industries that Rely on Metal Shelving

  • What is one storage solution that almost every single company utilises, whether for display purposes or inventory storage? Metal shelving, of course! While there are several different types of shelving solutions available on the market, you should ensure that you opt for the ones best suited to your needs. It is important to note that your specifications may change depending on the application of the shelving. Luckily, there are several different metal shelving manufacturers in South Africa that can provide you with the exact shelving solution you need. Are you unsure on whether this storage solution is the right fit for your business? Below, the different industries that rely on metal shelving manufacturers, as well as what these industries utilise them for, will be discussed below. (Information source:

    1. Department stores

    While there is the odd exception here and there, most department stores find metal shelving to be too “industrial” to use on their actual sales floor. However, these stores still rely on metal shelving manufacturers in that they utilise these storage solutions to store their inventory in their back-storage rooms.

    2. Food market retail stores

    From convenience stores to large food retailers, almost every food market retail store purchases their shelves and racks from metal shelving manufacturers. Not only are they the best storage solution when it comes to displaying products, but they also use these shelves to create their several aisles. These types of shelves are far easier to clean and maintain.

    3. General retail stores

    In addition to food market retail stores, metal shelving manufacturers also supply their storage solutions to various other general retail stores, including, but not limited to, liquor stores, homeware stores, butcheries that have cold rooms, and kitchenware stores.

    4. Automotive stores

    In terms of the automotive industry, these shops and service centres also utilise metal shelving both on the sales floor, as well as behind the register. These shelves typically hold everything from headlights to oil filters, showcasing the several products they supply to their clients.

    5. Hardware stores

    Much like automotive stores, hardware stores also rely on metal shelving manufacturers for majority of their in-store inventory storage. These shelving solutions are perfect for storing their various tools and products. Nowadays, hardware stores have everything you need for virtually any type of repair. As such, the right storage solution will be needed to showcase these several products, which is where the metal shelving comes in.

    6. Hospital and healthcare industry

    In hospitals, clinics, and various other medical-related establishments, metal shelving is widely used. Most will use these shelves to store medicines, medical products, as well as medical samples and specimens. Metal shelving manufacturers even supply this industry with linen trolleys, serving trolleys, and utility trolleys.

    7. Catering and food service industry

    Finally, even the catering industry relies on metal shelving manufacturers. Whether for a mobile kiosk or shelving in their cold freezer rooms, this industry utilises the several types of metal shelving to store their several food items safely and efficiently.