The Services Offered by Label Printing Companies

  • When it comes to the thermal printing industry, you need to ensure you opt for a reputable company that produces high-quality labels. It is also recommended that you seek out companies that allow you to design and customise your labels according to your needs. In saying that, while it is a great advantage to be able to customise your labels, your decision should involve more than just your own creativity and printing budget. There are several other considerations that need to be taken into account, such as various other practical and legal factors, as well as the actual label printing services offered by the company. (Information source:

    ‘What are some of the important label printing services I should look out for?’, you ask. Well, different label printing companies will offer different services. The services you should look out for should be unique to your printing job and needs. Some of the most common ones that would be highly beneficial to you will be discussed below.

    1. A printing trial before the big job

    It is of utmost importance that a printing trial be done before you go ahead with your printing job. What if the colour does not come out as vibrant as you had hoped? What if the font is too busy and cannot be read easily once printed? What if the font size is too small? All of this can be avoided by conducting a printing trial. While most companies will recommend this label printing service, others may not. Therefore, before going ahead with your print job, ensure you ask for a printing trial to ensure that everything is in order before the mass print.

    2. Printer sales for smaller jobs

    If you are constantly in need of labels, and they are typically for smaller printing runs with a maximum width of 104mm, you can also purchase your own thermal label barcode printer. However, not all companies are comfortable with selling these printers, as they feel they will miss out on the future profits. Therefore, ask around and see whether there are label printing companies near you that are willing to supply you with a high-speed thermal or direct transfer printer.

    3. Blank label supply and overprinting

    Certain companies prefer it if the customer supplies their own blank labels, while others prefer for customers to source them from the printing company themselves. Ensure you consult with the printing company about this, as you may want to use a label that they do not stock. In addition to this, some companies also offer overprinting of variable information on generic labels as one of their label printing services. If this is a service you require, ensure the company you are opting for offers it.

    There are also several other label printing services that you can utilise from the printing companies in Cape Town. The above-mentioned ones are just the most commonly sourced services. When looking for a reputable label printing company, ensure you keep the information in this article in mind.