BBQ Maintenance Tips

  • BBQs are a common phenomenon in households where dedicated cooks enjoy cooking for their immediate family and friends.  In places like Peterborough, Ontario where the long winters have given away to fabulous summer days, it’s a sign for BBQ enthusiasts to start taking out their Sabre Grills and Saber BBQs to prepare those mouthwatering, charcoal flavored delicacies for their friends and family. There are ample BBQ suppliers in Peterborough who provide many varieties of grills and BBQs such as Kamado Joe Grills and Saber Grills and other  related BBQ accessories to choose from. BBQ line installers and gas line installers are also in high demand.  (Information source:

    However, to have a full BBQ experience, their owners should look to take care of them during the off-season too so that they can eventually be used once again in pristine condition. This is a somewhat overlooked area by many BBQ owners, who only look for functionalities and BBQ and Grill tips that could help them make the most impressive dishes that they can serve to their guests. BBQ maintenance should be the priority for any owner, as it directly impacts the BBQs heating and efficiency which in turn can affect cooking. Here are some BBQ Maintenance tips which all owners should take note of.

    Cleaning BBQs during Winter:

    Compared to a dirty one, a cleaned, well maintained BBQ performs extremely well. Owners should develop a habit of cleaning their BBQ to avoid doing more hard work during the spring. The return of a well maintained BBQ is perhaps best understood by experienced or enthusiast cooks.

    • Cleaning during the long winter is important if one wants to keep their BBQ in proper workable condition. They must have all the right tools in hand for effectively cleaning the components and BBQ accessories before storing them. These include fine sandpaper, spatulas, different sorts or brushes, component replacements etc.
    • One of the first things to do is to scrape grease and any residue with a clean venture brush. This ensures that all of the blockage is removed, especially near the burners. They should also ensure that the blockage is removed near the cooking grids.
    • With the help of spatula, one can easily scrape grease off the drip pan. They should detach and wash the drip pan before replacing the foil. Warm soapy water is extremely effective for removing the excess oil buildup in the drip pan.
    • Sear plates and cooking grids are the parts that receive the most grease. They should thus use hot, soapy water to remove all of the splatters, discoloration or grease that may be caused by prolonged usage. To save time, one can use the dishwasher to wash these parts, although it’s not recommended.


    Final Thoughts:
    When the blanket of snow starts melting, it signals the perfect time for BBQ owners to start cleaning up their BBQs. There are many people who use BBQs all year round, who should pay more attention to their BBQs during their spring cleaning. Proper inspection is mandatory during this process, to check for scratches, crimps or punctures in the BBQ that may endanger the health or lives of those around.