Advantages of Investing in Carts Made from Aluminum Extrusion

  • Aluminium extrusion refers to a common manufacturing process where aluminium is forced through a shaped opening in a die. It is used to create a wide range of industrial equipment, including carts made from aluminium extrusion. These carts have several advantages over traditional carts, which is why they are used in several applications in different sectors.

    Why are carts made from aluminium extrusion becoming popular among industrial companies?

    Carts made from aluminium extrusion have several advantages over traditional carts because of the material used. They have an increased strength-to-weight ratio, can be customized easily and is resistant to corrosion. They can easily be customized according to client requirements, which makes them perfect for transporting raw materials as well as finished products. This is what has made them extremely reliable and a cost-effective material handling solution.

    What are some of the industrial applications of carts made from aluminium extrusion?

    Carts made from aluminium extrusion are found in a number of industries for material handling purposes.

    Manufacturing processes: These carts are commonly found in manufacturing facilities where they are used for transporting raw materials, work-in-progress products and finished goods between different workstations and departments. They can easily be made to fit the specific needs of each manufacturing process, just as integrating specialized tools and adjustable shelves.

    Warehousing and distribution: Aluminum extrusion carts can also be used in warehousing and distribution centres where they are used for moving heavy loads of inventory, packing materials and finished goods. Special features such as locking brakes, swivel casters and adjustable heights can be added depending on the products they are handling.

    Aerospace and aviation: In the aerospace and aviation industry, these carts are used to transport heavy and delicate parts of aircraft including parts of the engine, landing gear and wings. The carts can be customized to meet specific weight and size requirements and have to be fitted with features such as shock absorption to protect the parts during transportation.

    Healthcare industry: Carts made from aluminium extrusion are widely used in the healthcare industry for transporting medical supplies, equipment and even patient records from one department to another. They are integrated with drawers, shelves and cabinets to ensure safety and security while transporting delicate material.

    Hospitality industry: The hospitality industry requires such carts to transport food, drinks, linen, and other supplies to guests and staff. Many restaurant and hotel chains specifically customize these carts to cater to their customer’s needs. This can include the addition of features such as refrigeration units or heating equipment inside the carts.


    Carts made from aluminium extrusion take advantage of aluminium’s unique physical properties to create a sturdy product. This is also one of the reasons why companies are looking towards investing in these carts. Additionally, they are also cost-effective, which makes them the best material handling solution for many manufacturing units. To get the best products, it is recommended that they be sourced from reputed and certified dealers only.