ACNH Bells players bear the consequences of using time travel

  • Buy ACNH Island Designs are part of Animal Crossing Island Designs. Reasonable item purchases are also part of the gaming experience. One of the unique things about the Animal Crossing series is its time mechanics: the normal system time passes as it does in the real world. But time travel can break this rule. In response to this topic, ACNH community players have different opinions. Some players believe that time travel is cheating and should be punished. After the ACNH 2.0 update, Animal Crossing Items has 9000+ ACNH Items. We island designers should design and upgrade the island layout step by step.


    Another group of players acknowledges the rationale for time travel. There will be some boring waiting times during the island layout planning process. Time travel is available at this time. Some Animal Crossing players will use time travel for house building, ACNH Shop upgrades, etc. Change your Nintendo Switch's calendar settings to a new date in just a few easy steps. It will take effect immediately after restarting the Animal Crossing game.


    Animal Crossing creator Densle posted an incredible short animation on their YouTube channel. Titled Time Travel Designer, it describes how a user's time travel would feel to other islanders. Before time travel, Nook tells the protagonist that this move will require a boring day of waiting. Animal Crossing players wanting to design a great island take a lot of time and ACNH Bells. Long wait times may also include some boring wait times. Wasting time is unbearable for some players.


    ACNH time travel can skip some boring waiting time for players. Overuse of time travel and the island will be overgrown with weeds. Clearing the island requires the help of the Golden Tool Set. To upgrade a basic tool to a golden toolset, you need to collect certain materials. ACbellsbuy offers ACNH Items For Sale directly to players. After the special ACNH 2.0 update, players can Buy ACNH Island Designs, Animal Crossing wallpaper, ACNH Paintings, and more at the lowest price. Materials or items obtained through time travel can be exchanged for ACNH Bells at Nook's Cranny. AC Bells are a symbol of status and wealth for players and are very important.