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       In the daily management and maintenance of the onion transplanter of Planting Machine Manufacturers, it is necessary to arrange to check the local soaking of the technical equipment casing, because we often touch the soil during the operation, so we should do a good job of cleaning. If the equipment changes color, repair work should be arranged in time.

       Clean water should be used to wash employees. Careful planning is required to avoid mixing gravel and broaching blades. And check whether the spiral blade of the cutting table is partially deformed, damaged or the knife drum is fused. If the blade is partially deformed, the original shape of the part can be restored by impact. Clean the sediment on the cutting table in time. Check the device between the movable blade and the fixed blade assembly and the gap between the blade and the blade shroud to avoid mixing of gravel with the retractor blade.

       After the transplanting machine is completed, arrange to rinse the remaining mud with clean water in a timely and effective manner. In addition, impurities on the belt pulley installation accessories, such as cutting tables, chain clamps, finger frames, feeders, vibrating screens, conveyor belts, pulleys, connecting rods, distributors, conveying grooves, crank rockers, etc., should also be removed . Clean the soil and pulleys thoroughly in time. In this case, soil will accumulate in wheels, tracks, guide wheels, cutting tables and concrete mixers.

       In addition, the staff should open the equipment unloading tank cover, clean up the impurities in the unloading tank in time, take out the unloading chain, arrange cleaning and drying, and then evenly soak with diesel fuel before reloading.

       We should pay attention to all aspects used by Corn Sheller Manufacturers. In addition to daily use and maintenance, we should also regularly check whether there are any problems. If there is any problem, stop using it and solve it in time to ensure the service life of the machine.