Manual Fertilizer Spreader Use Adjustment

  • Electric fertilizer spreader can prevent soil loss and save energy while reducing operating costs. It is loved by farmers. No-tillage planters are mainly used for planting crops such as cereals, pastures, green fodder corn, etc., before harvesting the crops directly after furrow sowing, also known as direct planters. In addition, the no-tillage planter can complete the engineering stages of stubble, furrow, fertilizer, sowing, and soil quality at one time. Today, I will share with you the correct use of no-tillage planters.

    Preparation and adjustment before operation

    1. Tighten and spray. Before using the machine, make sure that the fastening part and the rotating body are flexible, and then add lubricating oil to the chain rotation and other rotatable parts. In addition, the relative position of the rotary knife and the trencher should be carefully checked before work to avoid conflicts.
    2. Adjust the sowing (fertilization) device. Cao Cao: Loosen the lock nut of the adjustment handwheel to make the gear deviate from the meshing position, then turn the mating amount until the mating indicator reaches the predetermined position, adjust the handwheel, and then lock the nut.

    Fine-tuning: Hang the suppressor wheel, rotate the suppressor wheel 10 times according to the normal working speed and direction, then remove the seeds discharged from each pipe, record the weight and total weight of the seeds discharged from each pipe, and calculate the average seeding quantity of each row. In addition, when adjusting the sowing amount, the seeds (or fertilizer) of the nine rounds of breeding (fertilizer) should be cleaned until the nine rounds of movement are not affected. You can repeat debugging. After the adjustment is complete, don't forget to tighten the nut.

    1. Adjust the level around the Manual fertilizer spreader. Raise the machine to make the rotary knife and the trencher fall from the ground, then after adjusting the tractor, hang the left and right pull rods to keep the rotary knife tip, the trencher and the machine horizontal. Then continue to adjust the lever length of the tractor suspension device to keep the no-tillage planter front and back level.