Introduction Of Manual Fertilizer Seeder Driving


    Look over here! A summary of the operating precautions for small wheel loaders!


    Manual Seeder is popular among construction workers because of its compact model, flexible mobile steering operation, and fast working speed. The small loader has a compact and reliable structure, a compact and small turning radius, no need to worry about the size of the working space, stable performance and fast operation speed, and it is a good helper to catch up with the construction period.

    For such a time-saving and labor-saving small wheel loader, it is necessary to do these correct operations to maintain the efficiency of the machine. When we get a new machine, we must first carefully read the machine operation manual provided with the manufacturer to understand the function of each component of the loader.


    When the loader is just started, run the machine smoothly at low speed, and it is forbidden to bang the throttle to avoid unnecessary damage to the engine. When the engine coolant is insufficient, the coolant must be added to the engine while it is cold, and it is forbidden to add it when the engine is running or high temperature, otherwise it will cause damage such as cylinder cracks.



    When the Manual Fertilizer Seeder is driving at high speed, do not slide into the shovel for loading operations. This will cause the uneven force of the various parts of the machine to be severely impacted, and it is easy to damage the machine parts. The small loader is a loading and scraping machine with flexible movement and fast operation speed. In order to maintain the efficiency and service life of the loader, these operating precautions must be done well!