Use Of Corn Thresher

  • The planting area of ​​   Corn Thresher and artificial transplanting is 676m, which has a good effect on early-maturing broccoli. The device can balance transplanting according to the height of the edge, and the posture is stable. With this automatic device, the horizontal direction of the transplanting part can be automatically maintained on the slope. After the wheel sensor senses the height of the boundary, it is adjusted accordingly through hydraulic control. The transplanting precision is high, the plant spacing is 14m, the transplanting depth is 05c8-5C.m, and there are 15 stalls in total.

       Broccoli transplanter operating system realizes the supporting use of various machines. The research and development of transplanting machines in my country began in the 1950s and entered the promotion stage after 1900. After 28 years of development, transplanting machines have begun to enter the production stage. Many products have entered the agricultural machinery subsidy catalog in my country, and are gradually accepted by agricultural production companies or growers. The buds are more neat, the bud period is earlier, and the flower bulbs are also more neat, which has the effect of saving labor, saving costs, and improving efficiency.

       This utility model adopts a plant-made orifice plate for seedling cultivation. The orifice plate is a 2 rectangular hard plastic orifice plate with a total of 18 seedling holes. The seedling substrate is a common composite seedling substrate produced by Hangzhou Jinda Green Industrial Technology Co., Ltd. The main components are peat, vermiculite, and perlite, and the pH is 5-57. The substrate is crushed and sieved, with a particle size of less than 3m, and seedlings are grown in the greenhouse.

       The China Rice Planting Machine can also be used to transplant cotton, tobacco, rapeseed, corn, sugar and other sugar beets, and has been gradually applied to vegetables. Vegetable transplanting is an important link in the process of vegetable production. Transplanting seedling raising machinery can reduce labor intensity and improve production efficiency. The nursery tray contains a substrate with a thickness of approximately 3 microns. Plant a seed in each hole and then water it. The soil cover thickness is 0.5m, and the bed soil should be kept moist before emergence.