Planting Machine Compact

  • In recent years, the level of specialization and intelligence in agricultural planting has become higher and higher, and the application of various types of machinery and equipment has become more and more common. In this environment, machinery and equipment that serve agriculture have also developed rapidly, which has made many Chinese The demand for small machinery and equipment market has shown a significant upward trend, and Vegetable Seed Planter Machine has also been recognized and concerned by more and more customers.




    The pastoral management machine has many advantages such as light weight, small size, simple use, easy maintenance, stable and reliable operation, low fuel consumption, and high work efficiency. The structure of the field management machine includes a frame and an operable remote control system. The machine uses a diesel engine with strong power and thick and durable rotary blades. The pastoral management machine can climb hills, cross ridges, and have a strong ladder.




    Planting Machine is small in size and compact in structure. It is effortless to work in a small space. In modern agriculture, the utilization rate of land is becoming more and more reasonable, and the production is more refined. Working in a narrow environment has become a measure of whether a machine is good. We use a standard, and all the machines we produce use well-known engines. Because of this, the power is fully guaranteed, and it is unimpeded when dealing with mountains, hills and other complex terrain.