Characteristics And Requirements Of China Rice Planting Machine

  •   At present, there are still many problems in the research and application of Corn Thresher in our country: the research of agricultural machinery is out of touch with the demand of our country's agricultural production, and cannot meet the actual needs of our country's agricultural production; my country currently has no relevant research system, a large number of imitations, imitating others Local high-quality models can no longer adapt to our production; at present, the quality of transplanting is unstable, the versatility is poor, the degree of automation is low, and the cost of machinery is high. The transplanting machine is a new type of seedling transplanting machine. This equipment provides a transplanting machine that does not damage the seedlings and has a high number of seedlings transplanted.

         Looking at the development history and application status of my country's onion transplanting machinery, combined with the problems existing in our agricultural development, we summarize our development direction and research points.

    (1) Speed ​​up the development and improvement of transplantation methods in my country.

    (2) On the basis of absorbing excellent methods, combined with the characteristics and requirements of my country's onion transplanting machine, design a seedling transplanting machine that meets our agricultural operation needs and habits.

    (3) With the decrease of the agricultural employment population in our country, this kind of equipment has become more and more popular and has become the main force of our country's agricultural production. The use of this equipment is the trend of future transplanting development in our country.

    (4) Due to the constraints of the economic conditions of Chinese farmers, the acceptable range of agricultural machinery prices is relatively low, and the advantages of modern large-scale industrial technology are used to produce products that Chinese farmers can afford.

        The main goal of China Rice Planting Machine in the future is to reduce the unit price of agricultural machinery, so as to benefit farmers, increase our quality of life, and enhance the development and progress of our agriculture. We, Shandong Hualong Agricultural Equipment Co., Ltd. sincerely look forward to cooperating and exchanging experience with you. If you have any questions, you can leave a message or call directly. We will get in touch with you in time to help you solve your confusion.