China Rice Planting Machine Prevents Explosion

  • During the operation of Corn Thresher, accidents often occur, such as "explosions". This "explosion" means that when the threshing machine is working, the threshing drum is destroyed and scattered due to strong impact. How to avoid this phenomenon? Let's learn.

    The "explosion" is mostly caused by neglecting the dynamic and static balance of the roller when manufacturing or repairing the roller, resulting in an unbalanced force on the parts when it rotates at a high speed. If an unbalanced weight of 200 grams acts on the drum, when the drum radius is 0.25 m and the drum speed is 1000 rpm, the centrifugal force can reach 5477 Newtons. This centrifugal force causes the China Rice Planting Machine to vibrate and damage the bearings. The main shaft is broken, the parts are welded, falling off, etc. The centrifugal force is proportional to the square of the speed. To prevent "explosion", do not exceed the speed and the drum must be balanced.