Adjustment Of China Rice Planting Machine Rotation

  •       China Rice Planting Machine is powered by a small diesel engine or gasoline engine, which has the characteristics of light weight, small size and simple structure. The micro-tiller is widely used in dry land, paddy fields, orchards in plains, mountainous areas and hills. Equipped with corresponding equipment, it can perform operations such as water pumping, power generation, spraying, spraying, etc., and can also be towed for short-distance transportation. The micro-tiller can be used freely in the field, which is convenient for users to use and store, eliminating the need for large agricultural machinery to be inaccessible. The troubles of mountain fields are the best choice for farmers and consumers to replace cattle farming.

    1. When necessary, the position of the handle can be adjusted by scheduling the rotary handle of the tiller, and the up and down of the handle can be completed by scheduling the upper and lower handles.
    2. The newly-purchased micro-tiller may be slightly tight when rolling. You can easily rotate the handle by loosening the 4 screws on the disc. However, if it is over-delivered, the micro-tiller will not be well controlled during the operation.
      After purchasing the Corn Thresher, you must be proficient in the operation of the machine, such as the rotation of the tiller and the up and down scheduling. This part of the operation is appropriate and important, especially when the machine is working to the ground, how to finish it? Lift the armrest and the resistance bar. During the retreat, push the handlebars hard to make a U-turn.