Planting Of Vegetable Seed Planter Machine Products

  • We know this feeling-after you plant the last seeds on the ground, it is tempting to park your Planting Machine in the shed to catch up with other jobs. But in order to get into the fields faster and increase productivity next spring, it is important to take the time to make any repairs and properly prepare your planter for storage now.

    This is your post-planting season list to ensure that the performance of the planter reaches its peak next year.

    Reflect on your planting season.
    First of all, please write down the progress of the season and the learning of the next planting season. Which areas of this field are causing you the most trouble? How can you make better use of your time in this field? Which wearing parts should you stock up? This is also the time to record any pain points and repairs needed next year-trust us, your future self will thank you.

    Check and prepare for storage.
    In the long run, routine maintenance tasks can save you trouble. Before storing your flower pot, please be sure to:

    Disassemble the seed metering device and remove seeds and dirt.
    Wipe the seed tray clean and check for wear.
    Check whether all bearings are rotating, sprockets are worn, and whether there are any cracks in the hydraulic hoses.
    Clean the area in contact with fertilizers and pesticides (if used).
    To prevent rust in the off-season, please refer to your operating manual for maintenance tips, including using proper lubrication to prevent moisture.
    Looking for additional maintenance tips? You can go to our YouTube channel to watch a step-by-step video to help your
    Vegetable Seed Planter Machine get through the winter and get it ready for storage.