Introduction Of Vegetable Seed Planter Machine In Medicinal Pla

  •       Now in rural areas, a more interesting phenomenon is that in recent years there are obviously more farmers planting Chinese medicinal materials than in previous years. This is not only due to the rapid development of proprietary Chinese medicines, but also the strong support of local governments. Farmers planting Chinese medicinal materials, in order to obtain a high income, in addition to mastering some professional planting techniques, Planting Machine suppliers suggest that they can learn about the following three methods, for your reference only.

      First of all, the planting category cannot be too single

       As the saying goes, eggs cannot be put in a basket. When planting Chinese medicinal materials, we must first learn to share the risks. Farmers who have planted Chinese medicinal materials know that the prices of Chinese medicinal materials have changed rapidly, and the increase rate has been large, and the rapid rise and fall of prices within a year have occurred from time to time. Therefore, medicinal plant seedling machine manufacturers believe that farmers can choose more medicinal materials to plant together when planting. When the price of one medicinal material drops, the price of the other medicinal material may rise rapidly, which can effectively avoid market risks. Increase your chances of profit.

     Secondly, when the market is good, you need to plant less, and when the market is bad, you need more varieties.

       Many farmers in rural areas like to follow the trend of planting. When a certain kind of medicinal material is in a good market, there are usually many farmers planting this kind of medicinal material in large quantities that year, which can easily cause the output of this medicinal material to exceed demand. In the field of medicinal planting, there is a saying that "more is grass, less is treasure". At any time, in any industry, rare things are precious, and Chinese medicinal materials are no exception. Therefore, when farmers are planting Chinese medicinal materials, Vegetable Seed Planter Machine manufacturers believe that they must learn a kind of reverse thinking, which can help you avoid a lot of economic losses.

       Third, don’t rush to shoot

       When the medicinal materials are harvested, don't rush to sell them. Go to the medicinal material market more and ask more about the farmers who grow medicinal materials in the same village. Most of the time the price of Chinese medicinal materials rises or falls in a wave-like fashion. Don't be afraid or worry when the price is low. The dried medicinal materials can be stored for a long time as long as they are stored properly. When the price rises, choose a suitable time to make a move, and you can get a good profit at this time. As the saying goes, planting well is worse than selling well.