Solving The Unfavorable Factors Of Manual Fertilizer Seeder

  • (1) The Manual Fertilizer Seeder is not equipped with power. Many micro tillage machines need to work normally and need to use a large throttle. Rotary tillage is a continuous work with a certain load. Water-cooled diesel engines below model 175 will boil in about 15 minutes of work; the air-cooled machines will easily cause early wear due to high temperature, so the power must be harmonious: ordinary tillers only need to use 4 kilowatts or more for dry land rotary tillage, and paddy field rotation It is recommended to choose 6.3 kilowatts for farming.

    (2) The air inlet of the air filter element is generally low. Most of the air inlets of the tiller are close to the engine and above the rotary knife. There is much dust and severe pollution, which is easy to cause early wear of the engine. The air inlet can be connected to the handle tube of the tiller, so that the air inlet is at the handle far away from the dust source.

    (3) The air guide hood is not tightly sealed. The air-cooled engine air duct's airtightness directly affects the heat dissipation of the engine. On the one hand, the air duct is not sealed, which affects the amount of coquettishness; on the other hand, even dust is sucked into the infarct heat sink. At the same time, the structure of the heat sink should be convenient for dredging and cleaning.

    (4) The body of air-cooled diesel engine with high maintenance cost is mostly aluminum die-cast. Corn Sheller cylinder liner, if you want to change, you only need to change the body and cylinder head, the cost is high. Therefore, it is necessary to require exchange products that are easy to change. You can use the method of boring the cylinder with a step, and replace it with a semi-waste cylinder liner or a suitable automobile engine cylinder liner.