Introduction To The Use Of Manual Seeder

  •        Due to the relatively large population of our country, the consumption of vegetables in our country is relatively large, so we cannot achieve it by artificial planting alone. So, we are now using mechanized planting and Manual Seeder. For the use of vegetable transplanting machine, friends who are novices may not know what to pay attention to when using it. In this regard, it is necessary to understand the precautions for the use of vegetable transplanters, and then our company will share with you.

      Considering the factors of the site used, if there are many stones in the site, it is recommended to use other farming tools for farming to avoid damage to the equipment.

       There is also a problem with the method of operation. Employees should be familiar with the operation method of the equipment. Start and connect the power first, and then slowly put down the farm tools, so that the blades of the rotary tiller will slowly sink into the soil when the rotary cultivator is moving forward, and raise the farm tools when rotating to avoid damage to the transmission components.

       There is also the problem of device model matching. The length of the universal joint square shaft and the shaft sleeve should generally match the model of the farm tool. If the square shaft and sleeve are too long, the transmission parts will be damaged during use. If it is too short, the farm tools will come out when they are raised.

       Vegetable transplanter should be installed correctly. When installing the universal joint, you should pay attention: the opening of the shift fork should be on the same plane. This is to ensure that the force of the knife shaft rotates evenly, otherwise it is easy to damage the transmission parts. Note that the angle between the square shaft of the universal joint and the plane of the gearbox should not be higher than 10°, and the angle after lifting the farm tool should not be higher than 30°, so as not to affect the transmission efficiency and damage the universal joint.

       Pay attention to lubrication in daily maintenance, and each lubrication point should avoid leaking lubricating oil and grease to prevent damage caused by dry friction.

      Through the introduction of the manufacturer, I think everyone should have a relevant understanding of the precautions in the use of Corn Thresher, and I hope to help you. In the future, friends who want to purchase transplanting equipment can contact us by phone, and we will serve you wholeheartedly.