Misunderstanding Of Manual Seeder Maintenance

  • Misunderstandings of Manual Seeder maintenance:
    1. Tighten the screws on the body. Most grass management machines are equipped with aluminum alloy box engines. The hardness of aluminum alloy is obviously not as good as that of ductile iron. Therefore, all screws on the body must be tightened according to the specified torque, especially the screws on the cylinder head. Also, do not tighten the screws during the warm-up period.
    2. The leakage in the fuel tank cap is sealed with film paper. If the fuel tank is sealed and worked for a long time, negative pressure will be generated in the fuel tank, insufficient oil absorption, and black smoke and insufficient power will appear when operating the fertilizer.
    3. If you do not pay attention to the quality of fuel and lubricating oil, not only the output power of the machine is insufficient, but also the core cover of the rotary tiller wears faster. The quality of the lubricant directly affects the starting performance and life of the machine.
    4. Water cooling of air cooler. Some operators realize that the temperature of the air cooler will be very high, worrying about damaging the machine and watering them for cooling. In fact, this is a very wrong approach. The water temperature dropped sharply and the cylinder liner contracted suddenly. It is easy to pull the cylinder, break the ring or damage the cylinder liner.
    5. Disassemble the air cooler fume hood and windshield at random. Some robots do not know the role of wind deflectors and windshields. I think they are very effective. When transporting a large trencher, you may need to pay attention to factors that hinder the soil. It will concentrate and lose heat dissipation.
    6. If the diesel spray is not good, just replace the nozzle. In addition to the problem of poor diesel nozzles, the high-pressure oil pump of the sub-till is also worn, with low pressure and low oil volume.
    7. Don't pay attention to class maintenance. Some operators believe that maintenance will only take a few days. In fact, wear is a process that accumulates over time.
    8. Corn Thresher used improper sealant on the gasket of the engine part cover. The eccentric pad makes it easier for the sealant of the grain and garden management machine to enter the gearbox, and the sealant easily blocks the oil inlet of the engine oil, which makes it impossible to effectively lubricate the crankshaft and connecting rod.