What Are The Advantages Of Vegetable Planter

  •     With the development of agriculture, our company's Vegetable Planter has been put into production. Compared with ordinary planting machines, the application of full-bearing corn planting machines is still very common. Let’s briefly describe the advantages of full-bearing planting machines. Where.
        The full-bearing corn planting machine means that every transmission or rotation place of the corn planter is equipped with a bearing. Replace the previous woolen cover with the bearing seat and all the bearings are installed, so that there will be no wear and tear, which greatly increases the use Life, although the wool cover is relatively wear-resistant, it needs to be lubricated frequently during operation. It is time-consuming and labor-intensive, but it cannot withstand long-term wear. After a period of time, there will be severe wear and the ground wheel will swing from side to side. Corn seeding is suppressed, and replacement is very time-consuming and laborious. All-bearing planters use bearings, and enough viscous oil is added during assembly. As long as the corn planter does not stick to water and liquid, the bearings will not be damaged. In this way, the life of the all-bearing planter is greatly prolonged. If other places are broken, the bearing will not be damaged. This is the great advantage of the all-bearing planter.
        By understanding the advantages of the full-bearing corn Planting Machine, let us do better planting work in the future work, so as to obtain a better harvest. Let people see the technological innovation of corn Planting Machine to the current full-bearing corn Planting Machine.