Specific Introduction Of Planting Machine

  •   Many Planting Machine users are very curious about the specific function and structure of the transmission box of the field management machine. This editor will give you a good analysis of the structure of the field management machine transmission box.

    1. The transmission box of the pastoral management machine is divided into upper and lower structures, the upper is the transmission body, the lower is the walking box, and the transmission body and the walking box are connected by bolts;
      2. The gearbox body of the rural management machine adopts aluminum alloy low-pressure casting;
          3. The walking box of the pastoral management machine adopts gray iron sand casting or ductile iron precision casting;
          4. There are 5 shafts in the whole transmission box of Vegetable Planter, which adopts 3 double spur gears and two sets of bevel gears to shift speed and change the direction of power transmission.