Various Failures Of Planting Machine

  •        Vegetable Planter is the main machinery in the busy farming season, but the machinery that has been idle for nearly half a year suddenly goes into battle, and there may be many problems. How to identify and deal with it correctly? The following editor explains the failure judgment of Vegetable Planter.
       Heavy knock: like a dull knock on the door, this situation is probably caused by the aging of the diesel engine, damage to the bearings or engine valves.
       Light tapping sound: The sound is similar to a heavy tapping sound, but the sound is small. When this sound appears, it is likely that the farmer has used inferior diesel for cheap; if inferior diesel is used, there will be a popping sound.
       roar: often from under the car, it is probably caused by damage to the wheels or bearings in the water pump.
       Howling: Mostly when the agricultural vehicle is turning, it may be that the fan drive belt is loose or worn. Sometimes the tire pressure is insufficient.
       Click: It may be caused by the damage of the universal joint of the drive shaft, or the bending and loosening of the fan blades.
       Scream: very harsh, usually because of brake problems.
       Buzzing sound: This kind of sound is like the sound made by a bee, its appearance is probably caused by the loosening of some parts
       Please note:   
    1. Perform a warm-up operation for 5 minutes after the engine is started for the first time. Keep the engine running at low speed before the engine is hot, and never run at full load at high speed or at low speed without load.
      2. Avoid overload operation. The engine cannot run at full load during the running-in period, and can be run-in at a speed of 3000 rpm and a load of about 50%.
       3. Change the oil on time. After the engine has been running for 20 hours, warm up the engine to change the oil, otherwise the residual oil in the engine will not be exhausted. After changing the oil for 20 hours, change the oil every 100 hours thereafter.
      4. If the fuel is mixed with water and dirt, it will cause the diesel engine to run abnormally or fail to work. If there is water and dirt in the fuel, store the fuel in a clean container for precipitation for more than 2 hours, and then use a hose or pump to pump out the fuel. The oil at the bottom of the container should not be used.
       5. How to choose engine oil. Choosing the right oil is very important. If the oil grade used is not suitable, it will cause the adhesion of the piston ring and burn the piston ring; the rapid wear of the cylinder liner; the rapid wear of the bearing and other moving parts will shorten the service life of the diesel engine.
       6. Keep the air filter clean. If the engine power of the Planting Machine is insufficient, and the smoke color deteriorates, the air filter element or the cleaning element must be replaced. The first cleaning of the filter element is 100 hours of use, the second time is 500 hours of use, and the filter element is replaced after 1000 hours of use.