Planting Machine Reduces Workload

  • Vegetable Planter is generally divided into semi-automatic pot seedling transplanter and automatic transplanter. The main difference between the two is reflected in the degree of automation in sending seedlings. The semi-automatic pot seedling transplanter usually uses manual seedling delivery, while the automatic transplanter The method used is to take seedlings automatically. It can help us transplant Vegetables, save labor, and reduce workload. Do you know what features it has? What is the working principle? If you are also interested in these issues, just look at it. .


       Good adaptability. The price is low and it is easy for farmers to accept. Secondly, it can be suitable for transplanting a variety of crops, such as corn, cotton, sugar beet, rape, etc., naked seedlings (soilless seedlings) and pot seedlings can be transplanted.

       Working principle of Vegetable Planter

       The transplanter is mainly composed of working parts such as feeder, seedling guide tube, seedling supporter, ditch opener and soil-covering suppression wheel. When working, after the seedlings are divided manually, the seedlings are put into the feeding tube of the feeder. When the feeding tube turns to the top of the seedling guide tube, the valve below the feeding tube opens and the seedlings fall to the guide seedlings by gravity In the tube, the seedlings are introduced into the seedling ditch opened by the opener through the inclined seedling guide tube. With the support of the grid-type seedling supporter, the seedlings are in an upright state, and then they are placed between the opener and the soil-covering roller. Under the action of the formed soil flow, the soil is covered and suppressed to complete the planting process.

      With the transfer of land and rural labor in our country, the shortage of rural labor has become a problem to be faced. Therefore, strengthening the research of automatic seedling retrieval technology and developing a Vegetable Planting Machine with good performance and reasonable price will be another trend of early transplanting in my country in the future.