Introduction To The Operation Of Vegetable Planter

  •    The application of Vegetable Planter can increase the quality of Vegetable planting, increase production efficiency, save labor, reduce labor intensity, and promote large-scale vegetable planting. There are many factors that affect the quality of the rice transplanter, such as the quality of seedlings, the level of land conditions, and the adjustment of the rice transplanter.

       1. Check and solve the problem of uneven plant spacing or lack of seedlings and broken bars

      A. Check whether the personnel in the manual on the seedling conveying belt continuously place seedlings. In the case of discontinuity, it is necessary to strengthen the training of the personnel of each volume, increase their proficiency, and maintain continuous seedling delivery.

      B. Check whether the reserve capacity of seedlings on the acceleration chain is too small. If the spare capacity is too small, first check whether the power switch is turned on (pay attention to the power fuse); secondly, check whether the light sensor circuit is normal and whether there is dust and debris under the light sensor; thirdly, check whether the large seedlings are discarded. Turn the knob on the front end of the gearbox clockwise to bring the support blade closer.

      C. Check whether the opener is blocked by dirt and debris.

       2. Check and solve the empty planting tank

       Check whether the clamping position of the supporting blade belt is too close. If it is too close, turn the knob on the front of the gear box clockwise to make the distance to support the blade belt longer.

      3. Inspection and removal method of shallow plant bare paper tube

      A. Check the depth of the trencher. If it is too shallow, one is to turn the rocker at the rear of the Vegetable Planter clockwise to increase the depth of planting; the other is to move the drive wheel upward or shorten the length of the tractor connecting rod.

      B. Check whether the seedling barrier is tilted forward. If tilting forward, loosen the knob and move the seedling baffle back appropriately.

      C. Whether the closing plate before the pressing wheel is too shallow or the angle is too large. If it is too shallow and the angle is too large, it should be adjusted.

       4. Inspection and treatment of super deep planting or buried seedlings

      A. Check the depth of the trencher. If it is too deep, one is to adjust the seedling depth by turning the seedling rod at the back of the rice transplanter counterclockwise; the other is to move the drive wheel down or lengthen the connecting rod on the tractor.

      B. Check whether the seedling barrier is tilted backward. If tilting back, loosen the knob and move the seedling baffle forward appropriately.

      Main preventive measures

      A, Vegetable Planting Machine adopts air-blowing type seeding, which has strict requirements on seed size. Therefore, it is necessary to classify seeds according to the size of the seeding holes of the seeding disc. In addition, lubricants should be mixed during sowing to make it easier to drain the seeds and reduce the wear of the cleaning brush.

      B. When planting in spring, try not to rotate crops or season plantings on the soil as much as possible, but directly planting operations, because when the soil is too soft, it is easy to block the fertilizer pipe and form a ridge between rows.