Understanding Of Manual Fertilizer Seeder Failure

  •   Manual Seeder's role in agricultural planting is believed to have been experienced by many growers, but some minor faults may occur after it has been used for a period of time, so how can it be judged initially?

      1, visual judgment.

       It can determine the wear of the mechanical surface parts and the quality of the surface materials of the parts. Such as cracks on the cylinder block and cylinder head, the appearance of gears and movable bearings are worn off, the fuel injectors and exhaust valves appear annealed blue or pitted after severe burns, and the conflicting materials of the clutch and brake are worn and burned. The biting marks of the vice, the degree of light leakage between the piston and the cylinder liner, etc.

      2, auditory judgment.

       Hearing judgment can use a small hammer to quietly tap the inspection part of the metal part, and judge whether there are cracks in the Manual Seeder from the sound and whether the connection is tight. Generally, the tight and complete parts sound loud and sound, and the defective sound is dull. In this way, it can be determined whether the crankshaft and side rods of the machine have cracks, the combination of the bearing alloy and the body, and whether the rivets of the inlet pump are firmly connected. In addition, the sound from the working gear set can roughly determine the meshing condition.

       3. Tactile judgment.

       Tactile judgment can be shaken by hand, and the gap size can be judged by feeling, without measuring with a measuring tool. For example, the gap between the valve stem and the valve guide, the radial and axial gaps of the movable bearing will be strong. The malfunction of Manual Fertilizer Seeder can be preliminarily judged from the above aspects.