Maintenance Used By Vegetable Planter Machine


      In the development of modern agriculture, new technological equipment such as rice sowing machine has played a greater value. So how should the transplanter be maintained?

       1. Perform related maintenance work regularly. Generally speaking, transplanting machines used in modern large-scale agricultural activities require routine maintenance after being used for a period of time. One is to ensure the normal use of later operations, and the other is to maintain the performance advantages of the transplanter for long-term use and minimize the possibility of mechanical maintenance and replacement. Therefore, regular maintenance is very important.

      2. Pay attention to the influence of the use environment. Although the transplanting machine has good environmental adaptability in terms of use performance, there will still be a corresponding degree of wear, corrosion and other damage under different use environments. Therefore, we should do our best to avoid using the transplanter for a long time in some highly destructive environments.

       During the daily use of the broccoli transplanter, the seedling clamps and the soil or other debris on the wheels should be cleaned every day. Remember to oil the wheels, the planter chain, the conveyor chain and the watering device. Check whether the screws are tight and adjust the tension of the planter chain. In this way, the chain clamp transplanter can work normally every day.

       If the vegetable planter machine is not used for a long time, the transplanter should be cleaned and dried. Replace damaged parts, and lubricate the places where lubricating oil is needed. Only in this way can the transplanting machine be used in the coming year without shortening the use time.


       I hope that the above sharing can be helpful to everyone. Friends who want to know the relevant knowledge of the transplanter can pay attention to our company!