China Wholesale Planting Suppliers Must Prevent Failures


    Precautions during the use of Electric corn sheller:

    1. Seeding requirements

    When sowing, the planter should sow according to its characteristics. For example, the planting row spacing should be controlled at about 20 cm, neither too wide nor too narrow. The seeding depth should be controlled at 1.5-3.0cm, but special conditions should also be considered. The seeding depth of different soils is also different. If the soil is dry, the seeding depth should be a little deeper to prevent the seeds from being sowed shallow and the soil is dry and unable to grow. Therefore, when planting seeds, agricultural machinery operators must fully consider the seeds and soil conditions to ensure the healthy growth of seeds.

    2. Preventive measures for medicinal planter failure

    Due to improper operation and other reasons, medicinal planters are often unable to plant seeds completely, which requires agricultural manipulators to pay attention to some small details in use to prevent these problems from occurring. The main reason that the medicinal planter does not sow is because the ground wheel does not touch the ground. Similarly, if the seeding wheel is entangled with weeds, the seeding wheel will not rotate, so that the medicinal planter will not be arranged for seeding. Therefore, agricultural machinery operators must pay attention to these issues when using medicinal planters. If the planting wheel is entangled with weeds, weeds should be removed before planting. If the chain falls off, stop the fire immediately, repair the chain, and then work.

    3. Avoid inconsistencies in the broadcast depth of each line

    When planting seeds, China wholesale planting suppliers should try to avoid inconsistent planting depths. If this problem occurs, the seeding depth will be inconsistent. Too shallow will make the seeds dry and may die due to lack of water; too deep will make it difficult for the seeds to unearth, so they will not grow easily. The reason for the inconsistent seeding depth is uneven soil hardness, or the agricultural manipulator did not adjust the medicinal planter according to the soil conditions before operation. Therefore, agricultural manipulators should inspect the soil during operation to ensure the quality of seeding.